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Чит-файл для Gnome Ranger

Gnome Ranger

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Part 1 (Animal)

From the starting point just outside the Centaur`s shop first Knock on the
Door. Enter the shop and do things such as Examine All until the Centaur (Cap)
asks you to deliver a letter for him. Take the letter and then when asked by
the Centaur, take the Shovel. Now you may GO TO or RUN TO any of the important
locations. There is no particular order in which to do things, and many of the
items you will find are of no real use. A random element exists here and some
things will require perseverence to achieve. This is one solution.

Move around until you see the Eagle above you. Examine Eagle and then WAIT
until it lands and carries you off to its nest. HIT CHICKS to be rewarded by
the Eagle. Go to just outside the gate at the entrance to the Witch`s Cottage.
DO NOT ENTER! It is a one-way gate! Ring the Bell that the Eagle gave you and
wiat until the Eagle lands. Say (for example) EAGLE< GO TO PEG AND TAKE IT
THEN FIND ME AND DROP PEG. The Eagle should then go into the cottage garden
and free the Dog from its kennel. The Dog will now come thgrough the garden
gate. Follow the dog until it meets the Swarm Of Dogs. They will reward you
with a whistle for freeing their friend. The Llama will give you a flower.
There is a hank of hair in the brambles. There is a coin in the mud beside the
puddle. There is a nugget and a yellow fungus in the middle of the marsh. If
you take the nugget and fungus a mist will suddenly come down and you will be
unable to move. To find a way out either dropeverything you are holding OR
wait for someone to come past and FOLLOW them. You could for example summon
the Dogs and send them somewhere and then follow them.

Go to the Forest in the Northeast of the land and WAIT. After a while a nymph
will appear and wait to be given something pretty. If you have the Flower from
the Llama or the Necklace from the Centaur then give one to the nymph. (To get
things from the Centaur in addition to the Shovel you will need to trade other
items on a two-for-one basis).

Once the nymph has been befriended you can give her commands. One of the first
should be to go the the Rock under which is a Bridle. If you drop all you are
carrying and lift the rock, you can tell the nymph to get the Bridle. Pick
everything up again and go with the nymph to a position just West of the
Waterfall where you can see the Rainbow. Give the Shovel to the nymph and tell
her to go East and then Dig. Wait for a while and then go East. You will now
find a Crock of Gold and a Leprechaun. Take the Crock of Gold and give it the
Leprechaun who will now offer to help you in future. He will tel you how to
summon him when you are in need. Bear in mind that the ONLY way to complete
the first part of Gnome Ranger is to defeat the Witch by destroying her source
of power, her Magic Wand. In fact only the Leprechaun is strong enough to
break the Wand.

Blow your Whistle and when the Swarm of Dogs arrives say, DOGS, FIND UNICORN.
Then tell the nymph to follow the Dogs and then follow the Dogs yourself. Once
the Dogs track down the Unicorn and the nymph sees the Unicorn you will be
rewarded again, this time by the Unicorn.He will give you a set of pipes with
which to summon him if you need his help.

Now open the envelope the Centaur gave you, read the letter and go back into
the shop. You will be thrown out but that is no problem, it is the game points
that we after here.

It is now time to go through the gate into the cottage garden. Go round to the
back door and summon the Unicorn by blowing the pipes. When he arrives tell
him to break the door. Go South into the cottage and snap your fingers to
summon the Leprechaun. When he arrives wait for the Witch to also turn up and
quickly tell the Leprechaun to break the Wand. Be quick or the Witch will turn
one of you into stone.

At this point you should have scored 300 out of 300 and will be offered the
opportunity of moving on to part 2.

Part 2 (Vegetable)

Start by taking the tea leaf. Then go to the kitchen and from there into the
library. Read the books to get several clues as to what to do and how to do
it. Go back to the kitchen and take the seed and the bulb. Go back to the
garden and plant the seed. The seed will grow at once and become the
greenslave. It needs to be animated, brought to life. To make the animate
potion taje the elder berry, thistle flower, rowan berry and mint leaf and
take them to the kitchen. put them into the pot one at a time in the order
given above to produce the anitidote potion which will automatically be added
to your inventory. Return to the garden and put the potion onto the
greenslave. Plant the bulb in the garden and the blue telelily and the white
telelily will appear. Climb the trees to get to the treehouse. The treehouse
and the greenslave can be given instructions in the same way as the dogs and
the nymph etc in part 1.

Take the telelilies and the compost heap. Go northeast and drop the compost
heap. You will need to take the compost heap at times and drop it on rocky
ground in various places to enable the treehouse to move. Send the treehouse
and greenslave to the cave and then follow them. When you, the treehouse and
the greenslave are all outside the cave give the blue telelily to the
greenslave then enter:- treehouse, hold cave wait 5. Then enter:- greenslave,
find stinkwort shoot and put it in blue telelily.

Then wait until the stinkwort shoot and the greenslave appear. If you
experiment with the telelilies you will find that anything put into the blue
one will reappear from the white one. Also note that once a potion has been
used the ingredients that have been used up will grow again in the garden.
They must be picked again because each potion will need at least some, if not
all, of the same ingredients again. So get what you need from the garden and
go back to the kitchen and make the weedkiller potion by putting into the pot
in this order:- thistle flower, elder berry, mint leaf and rowan berry. Now
with the telelilies and the weedkiller being carried and with greenslave
following go to the hedge. Wear the weedkiller to go east past the hedge. Drop
the blue telelily into the pond and put the white one on the skinny beanstalk.
Wait until it explodes then go up. Examine the fern plant and take the fern

The only way to pass the hedge from this side is to enter:- greenslave, push
rock, push rock, push rock. Then enter:-push rock, push rock. (This way both
you and greenslave will be pushing the rock at the same time). The rock will
then roll down onto the hedge and make a path through it. Back to the garden
again and then the kitchen to make the next potion, the antidote to the poison
of the air plant. Make it in this order:- stinkwort shoot, mint leaf, fern
shoot, elder berry. It helps to know where the treehouse and the greenslave
are at all times. (It generally helps to send them back to the garden when
they have finished a task and pick them up from there when needed). Now go to
the garden and send the treehouse to the air plant. Drink the antidote potion
and follow the treehouse. At the air plant examine it to find the air flower
and tell the treehouse to take the air flower and give it to you. You may need
to leave the location while the treehouse gets the air flower as it is scared
of animals.

Get some more ingredients and go back to the kitchen to make the fertilizer
potion. The method is:- mint leaf, rowan berry, elder berry, air flower. Back
to the garden and put the fertilizer on the tea bush. Take the tea leaf and
the other ingredients needed and back to the kitchen.

Now make a pot of tea using:- tea leaf, rowan berry, mint leaf, thistle
flower. When the tea is made, the old man reappears and you drink tea with

You should now have 600 points and be ready for the third part.

Part 3 (Mineral)

Start first on the cloud 9 area. Find the yeti and by talking to him in the
usual manner, ask him to lead you to the diamond. Follow him carefully. Take
the diamond and the cloudstuff you find near it. Use the cloudstuff to line
the yetis snowshoes.

Now go to the penguin. The mother penguin is looking for a baby sitter. Take
the egg and the mother penguin will become your friend. Find the icebridge and
move south onto it. The icebridge will collapse and you will find yourself on
an icefloe. When the icefloe sails past the mother penguin say:- penguin, push
me west. The will then arrive at the iceberg. Take the sapphire and enter:-
penguins, push me east. Now you will be back on the coast.

Go to the caves and find the fireking. After that go the prison cell and open
it. Go inside and put the icechild in the sack so that the fireguard cannot
see that you are freeing the child. Now go out and south to the land of the
icepeople. When the icequeen offers to help you, get her, the icejester and
the icepeople to follow you and go to the icefall. You cannot get out of the
caves due to a flooded series of tunnels.Water is constantly coming into the
caves but cannot get out quickly enough because there is an obstruction, a
log, in the outlet pipe. You have to temporarily stop the water coming in so
that you can enter the tunnels as the water level drops and remove the
obstruction. A dam can be built if the icefall is pushed into the water.
HOWEVER! Each player move causes the water level to increase by 1 level. Each
push of the icefall builds the dam level up above the water level by 1. If the
water level reaches the top of the dam it will break. If the water level
reaches 10 the pressure becomes too great and the dam breaks anyway. Help is
needed here to build the dam and help is needed to remove the log from the
outlet. the idea is to get the icequeen and the icepeople to help you by
repeatedly pushing the icefall into the water while you send the icejester
down to remove the log from the outlet.

This, or something like it, should work with the icequeen, icejester and
icepeople all together with you at the icefall. Enter:-ICEQUEEN, WAIT 5 THEN

Try to keep the dam somewhere between 1 and 3 feet above the water level. Do
this by either pushing the icefall or waiting. Eventually the dam should break
but a cheer should go up as the water level rapidly drops showing that the log
has been removed. Now follow the icequeen until she shakes hands with the
fireking. Now get the icequeen to follow you again.
Run to the treetrunk and enter:- ICEQUEEN, WAIT 12 THEN PUSH TREETRUNK. Now
run to the garden where the gnome requires a gemstone to let you enter the
garden. Give him any of your gemstones and you will be thrown into the garden.
You will find your gemstone on the ground along with the emerald and the ruby.
Drop everything and pick up the ruby and put it in the sack. Put the other
three gemstones (diamond, sapphire and emerald) into the sack as well and pick
up the sack. If you timed it right, round about now the treetrunk should come
sailing into view along the river. STAND ON TREETRUNK to escape from the
garden. The gnome will not you leave through the gate if you are holding
anything you found in the garden. The treetrunk will sail past the iceberg
area and when you see a suitable bit of land you should:-get of the log.

You should be carrying the 4 gemstones and the sack. Return to the gate at the
beginning of the game. Put the gemstones in the sockets one at a time and then
go north. If all is well then you will be in Gnomebridge on the road to

This is the end of the adventure and you should have 1000 points.

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