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Читы для Morpheus

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Soap Bubble Productions
Издатель:Piranha Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Adventure / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Myst

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
v.1.0  by JaScO

..You begin your adventure as an Arctic Explorer, separated from your
companions while trying to resolve the legacy of your father, who
disappeared on the polar ice cap 30 years earlier.  With nothing more
than a cryptic mention of Herculania as your guide, you have become
lost in the arctic blizzard.  At the end of your physical limits, you
lie unconscious, drifting between strange and foreboding dreams.  A
shadow appears out of the arctic mist.the ship Herculania.  But does
this seeming oasis mean salvation, or damnation?..(taken from
Introduction of manual)

This was fun game is in the same vain as Myst/Riven and the 7th
guest/11th Hour series of games.  Detailed puzzles and gathering clues
are essential to solving the mysteries of the Herculania. This walk-
though was put together using the HTML from the web page
www.soapbubble.com but is pieced together for your convenience  and to
fix a couple of problems that I found with their walk-through.  Any
text in blue and green is spoken in the game.  If you have changed this
.doc file into a .txt file, you will have no highlighted text nor the
pics at the end of the file showing the keypads.

Arctic expolorer:
"Left the icebreaker Valkyrie with an expedition to find the Arctic
encampment where my father disappeared twenty-five years ago. I was
separated from my companions in this blizzard.
Lost six days now. Crawled into a crevice yesterday, hoping to find
some warmth, but the ice in my veins refuses to supply any. Little
chance of rescue. I'm afraid the hope of resolving my father's legacy
has lured me to my death.
The mystery of his disappearance has haunted my life. Why would he
abandon his fellow explorers to follow the ravings of a dying man who
had wandered into his camp? I close my eyes... and see my father, dying
alone, as I am now. My dreams are invaded by strange hallucinations. I
fear that even death will not release me from these nightmares...
The storm wind is letting up. A shadow. In this blinding tunnel of
light, I'm drawn to its darkness. Warmth in this Arctic desert. An
oasis... Is it a dream?"

Rear Deck

My adventure begins on the deck of a ship which appears stuck in the
ice. I can see only a vast frozen wasteland in all directions. From
where I stand I can see two lifeboats. They are of little use to me in
this Arctic wilderness. I know that help must come from within this
mysterious ship. I cautiously begin to explore my new surroundings.

The life preserver explains the name of the ship Herculania.

Arctic Explorer: "Herculania does exist! This is the ship whose
mysteries lured my father to his death."

I can walk onto a catwalk over what appears to be a cargo hold of some
kind. There seems to be no entrance for me here.

I go down the left-hand side along the ship's railing where I find a
locked door. Apparently the door is sealed I must find some other way
in. The only other thing I find here is a bird's nest which has little
use to me. I return to the catwalk area and try the right hand side.
Here again I find a locked door.
To my right however I find an interesting sight -- a distress canister.
I break the glass with the small hammer. I can see that a distress
balloon has been launched. I feel relieved to know that at least
perhaps I have a chance of being saved if someone responds to this
signal. Oh no! What luck, the balloon has become caught on a mast. I
must continue to search for a way in.

Arctic Explorer: "It's stuck in the mast. If only I could get it down."

Returning to the catwalk area I see a most terrifying sight. It is a
ghostly image of a man committing suicide. Is this ship haunted? Am I
going mad?

Arctic Explorer: ""I...I must be losing my mind. Ghosts? Got to find
shelter soon."

I decide to climb the stairs to the flying bridge. Perhaps there are
some controls up there to release the door locks. Here I find some
frozen controls that are little use to me. But, there is a control
handle for the cargo release that does seem operational. When I pull on
it, it releases the lock on the cargo hold. Before leaving the flying
bridge I notice another interesting mechanism. It seems to be a rocket
launcher. I set the rocket launcher on the left to various settings
without much success. Manipulating the viewer on the right I discover
an image of the distress balloon. Perhaps if I use the same coordinates
I'll have success with the rocket launcher. This time when I pull back
on the rocket launcher, the rocket finds it's target. But wait, the
balloon has been destroyed and something has fallen to the deck. I must
go and investigate.

I go to where the canister has fallen and hear a recorded message from
J. C. Pharris.
J.C. Pharris: (recording) "Property of Pharris Shipping Ltd. Boston,
Massachusetts; Reward if found.
November 20, 1928
To whoever finds this:
Please forward to Pharris Shipping Ltd., Boston Massachusetts. We've
lost Herculania! I've had to abandon ship. She's imbedded in the ice -
87 Degrees North Latitude, 55 Degrees West Longitude. Reduced Solar and
Uranium power to minimum. This should sustain the Neurographicon
indefinitely. Airlocks automatically engaged. Interior doors sealed
until full Uranium Power restored. If you've not heard from me by
January 1, 1929, commence rescue operations. J.C. Pharris"

Cargo Hold
Since I believe the cargo hold to be released now I climb back onto the
catwalk. This time it allows me to go out onto the platform. I fall to
the next level where I end up peering at a dead body. This seems to be
the same man that I saw hang himself.

Arctic Explorer: 'I can't believe it! It's him -- the ghost I saw on
the deck. Who is this man?.... He's left a note."

This is no dream, the decaying body lies before me. I read the suicide
note of Dr, John Malherbe.

I am on a moving platform that is controlled by these levers. For the
cargo elevator, the right lever is used to descend and the left to
rise. I can't go back up the way I came down so I step over the body
and descend to the next level.

Arctic Explorer: 'I can't get back on the deck this way. It's too
slippery. There must be another way out. "

Here I find a door that warns me that airlocks will be breached if I
enter. With no where else to turn I turn the valve and open the door. I
stand above what must be the heart of the ship. I sense there is power
here waiting to be awakened.

Arctic Explorer: ""Incredible! Has my presence somehow awakened a
sleeping monster?"

There doesn't appear to be anything else of interest to me on this
level. I descend to the final level. Here I find some strange cargo.
To the left of this cargo bay I discover a door. Opening this door, I
ascend to the rear deck where my adventure first began.

I return to the right-hand door that was previously locked. I find that
the door will now open to me. I find myself in a very dark room. There
is nothing for me to do but walk through this room and back onto the
ship's deck. When I walk forward I see there is another door to my
left, but decide to first explore the rest of the outer decks. I climb
the stairs to the next level. I discover a handkerchief resting on a
bench. When I investigate a ghostly image appears of a fastidious woman
dressed in black. It seems a crab has frightened her away. At this time
I turn to the right and descend the stairs. Moving straight ahead I
find myself at the end of the fore deck. I realize that two of the
lifeboats are missing.

Arctic explorer: "Did someone abandon ship? Two lifeboats are missing."

I discover a strange prism like object. I cannot guess it's use or seem
to get any response after manipulating it.

Arctic explorer: ""Without power this device seems useless."

I'll have to return to this place if I ever get any power to this ship.

I return up the stairs to the crab lady bench. I continue down my
original path. I follow the deck around until I come to another door.
Since I am at the end of the ship I decide to enter here. I see that I
have found the bridge of the ship. There are several instruments here.
I can see that the ship was in the "all stop" position. There is a
radio which I'm not able to tune in, a radar scope, and a recording
device of some kind.

By pressing the middle button I am able to play the recorded message
and also to advance to the next message.

November 17, 1928 - Herculania Log #1 - Jonathan Cleveland Pharris
The passengers are excited about the voyage. But, the real
astonishments begin tomorrow night. My adopted son Jan assures me of
success. I've invested a lot of money in him and this venture. I hope
he doesn't disappoint me. He was correct about young Claire though. The
crippled girl makes an excellent prospect for testing the healing
strength of his Neurographicon. However, Jan's gross abnormalities will
be a greater challenge for the machine.

November 18, 1928 - Herculania Log #2 - J.C. Pharris
Testing of the Neurographicon went awry. All seemed well, as our lovely
young guest, Claire, danced with Jan at the Masked Ball, but
then...that horrible display! And, now the ghostly apparitions Malherbe
warned me of have surfaced. The crew is apprehensive about the strange
turn of events. Under the circumstances, I think it best to return
home. I've instructed Jan to shut down the Neurographicon. We're
heading back to New York.

November 19, 1928 - Herculania Log #3 - J.C. Pharris
Jan has taken leave of his senses! He wants to continue his experiments
with the Neurographicon. And, now, he's blathering on about Dreamworlds
and immortality. I've ordered him to stay away from the passengers. I
should never have given him such responsibility!

November 19, 1928 - Herculania Log #4 - J.C. Pharris
There is obviously a major malfunction. The ship is unresponsive to the
helm. I'm afraid Jan has taken control.

November 19, 1928 - Herculania Log #5 - J.C. Pharris
Malherbe is dead! Jan has defied me and activated power level three.
The visions have reappeared. The others must be inside the
Neurographicon. I thought his threats to kill them were nothing more
than childish agonizings. But, now I'm afraid he's done it. And, what
of Claire? Is she trapped? What am I supposed to do now?

November 20, 1928 - Herculania Log #6 - J.C. Pharris
Jan has complete control! He's plotted a course which will place us
near the northern tip of Greenland. The crew has abandoned ship! I pray
they are rescued. Damn my son! He's doomed the passengers to dreams of
the dead! And, innocent Claire! I can't save her! I'm dead myself if I
enter that Cocoon, or if I stay on the ship. When Herculania runs
aground I'll take my chances on the ice pack! Our Theatre newsreel
reports an Arctic expedition in the vicinity. If I'm lucky, I'll find

After hearing all the messages I can't help but think of my father.

Arctic Explorer: "I'm being drawn into Herculania's web, just as my
father was years ago. Will she lead me into death as well?"

Powering up the solar power
I decide to leave the bridge and return to the door that I bypassed
earlier. When I enter through this door I see another vision, this time
of a caped man descending stairs. If I advance forward once and then
turn to the left I can go down the stairs. When I turn around to look
back at the stairs that I just descended I discover a knob at the end
of the newel post. When this knob is turned the staircase is thrown
into light as the dome above is opened. Apparently this supplies light
to the whole ship because I can now see where I am going.

Arctic Explorer: ""Solar cells power the lighting of the ship.
Amazing...It still works."

I walk around the grand staircase and head towards the theater. Just
outside the theater I find four kinescopes. I investigate each one by
pulling down on the handle and hear information on the passengers, the
ship, Dr., Malherbe and the "neurographicon". After listening to each
kinescope I continue on into the theater.

The Dreams of the Dead - Kinescope
Dr. John Malherbe Unlocks Tribal Secrets:
After arriving at the island of Beharu located 100 miles west of
Sumantra, and after recovering from a most unfortunate bout of
dysentery I arrived at the village of the Kayligi. The Kayligi perform
a religious ritual --"Kwala Seliki" or "Dreams of the Dead" -- a
ceremony of physical and spiritual healing.
In the ritual, six slaves are bled into a ceremonial bowl so the shaman
of the tribe may create his healing elixir. The serum is prepared with
extractions of black orchid, the rare valley orchid, and another
substance whose origin will remain a secret. This concoction allows the
shaman, and in this case, the gravely ill daughter of the tribal chief,
to share a common hallucinogenic state. The shaman's mystical influence
shields the girl from physical harm.
The shaman forces the others to take the elixir. The profound effect
can soon be seen on the unprotected...as they fall into a deathlike
trance. Throughout the night, spirits of the dead haunt the village and
the surrounding forest. In the morning, the shaman and his acolyte
emerge from the sacred hut. They appear in every physical aspect
stronger and healthier. While those whose blood sacrifice has enabled
this miracle of healing have completed their journeys into darkness .

The Neurographicon - Kinescope
Spiritualists have known about an unseen power source for centuries but
the art of physics has been unable to prove its existence until now.
Finally science has exposed the strangest of ironies... beyond death
lies an energy source able to extend life. A lifeline into that energy
has at last been built -- THE NEUROGRAPHICON. The machine is a conduit
between life and death -- tapping an infinite source of vitalizing
Voyagers will enter Dream Cocoons and inject personalized serums into
specific receptacles. The serums will then travel to the MASTER CAPSULE
where they will be metabolized by the Dream Master. The Dream Master
initiates a transformation that immerses the Master Capsule and a
special Healing Pod into a world of curative energy. The mechanics of
the Neurographicon then allows the Dream Master to retrieve the
assisting voyagers from beyond the gates of death, their journey having
made possible this miraculous revitalization.

Herculania - Kinescope
Herculania -- The luxury yacht of the century! Set to sail, November
17, 1928 Herculania promises to herald a new age of scientific
achievement! Millionaire shipbuilder Jonathan Cleveland Pharris has
spared no expense in accommodating the first passengers. Mr. Pharris
has entrusted his adopted son Jan with every arrangement. Young Mr.
Pharris has gone to great lengths to personalize the ship for his
guests. Each passenger will select a three-digit stateroom code he will
be sure to remember. The Pharrises have also acquired the help of Dr.
John Malherbe, an herbal therapist. He will make personalized serums
which provide each passenger access to a unique experience.

The Characters - Kinescope
Jan Pharris, the inventor of the Neurographicon opens ties to his past
and invites six special individuals to be guests on this ground-
breaking scientific adventure.
Leo Galte, the renowned Irish boxer, cuts short a return trip to
Ireland in order to participate in the masterful plan of his biological
son, Jan, who he hasn't seen in over 25 years! What a proud father he
must be!
Belle Swan is Jan's natural mother. After entrusting her son to the
Goodman Home for Boys, she pursued her childhood dream of becoming a
famous stage performer. The highly regarded exotic dancer will grace us
with an encore of her signature number "Salome's Seven Veils." Mrs.
Swan is accompanied by her beautiful step-daughter Claire Moon. Claire,
unfortunately crippled as a result of polio, is chosen to be the first
to reap the benefits of the Neurographicon.
Billy Mexler, a childhood chum of Jan's from the Goodman Home was
surprised to learn his friend would soon make history. Mr. Mexler must
be glad to see his roommate succeed.
Grace Thermon, once the Head Mistress of the Goodman Home, oversaw the
adoption of Jan to J.C. Pharris. Both Pharrises are indebted to her for
making their dreams come true.
John Malherbe, the esteemed herbal therapist will assist Jan by
preparing serums in his Herbal Lab for the passengers. Dr. Malherbe is
Jan's personal physician. He and Jan have grown quite close over the
years. This voyage would be incomplete without him.

On my left is a movie projector. I turn it on and view a movie on the
theater screen. Unfortunately, the film melts and the movie stops. How
agonizing to be reminded of my fathers high hope for his balloon

Cinema Tone Newsreel
Cinema Tone News!!!
Balloon expedition sets out across the Arctic.
Graf Zeppelin makes first New York trip.
Lucky Lindy returns home a hero.
Commander Theodore Holmes, fish oil magnate and newly inducted member
of The Explorer's Club yearns to be the first to cross the Arctic ice
cap by balloon. Stick to the social scene Mr. Holmes, 'cause your ideas
are full of hot air.

After viewing the movie I turn to go back up the steps of the theater,
pausing to read a postcard lying on the

Dear Uncle Ecky,
This ship is grand! I met the young inventor of the Neurographicon.
Though Jan's appearance is at first shocking, there seems to be
something...behind his eyes. He promises I'll dance tonight at the
masked ball. Having a swell time, wish you were here!

I have learned much about this ship and it's passengers. but I know
there is much yet to be learned. I am denied entry to the elevator. It
appears my next order of business is to bring this ship to it's full

Uranium Furnace

Walking towards the elevator I see another vision. This time a man
walks through the doors to the left of the elevator. I decide to go
through the same doors.

I descend steps and find myself in a strange room. This part of the
ship is obviously not designed for the passengers use. I continue on
through the next set of doors.

On my left I find some sort of power indicator for the solar power to
the ship. On my right I see a similar indicator panel. I press the
button to the left and it brings to me a gondola that I can use.

 By using the right and left levers I can move the gondola along it's

I soon discover the trick to moving the gondola is to keep an eye on
the center indicator lights. At the power indicator station I remember
seeing the letters A, I, V. Inside the gondola I see the words "Atrium,
Ventricle and Injectors" and conclude they are related.

I use the right-hand lever to advance to the first stop. When I depress
the button to the right, a device rises from the floor. I turn this
device on by pulling the handle to the left and the "Atrium" indicator
light turns on. I depress the button on the left and it lowers.

I use the right-hand lever again to advance to the second stop. This
time a device for the "Injectors" is brought up and turned on.

The next time I use the lever to the right I notice that I do not
advance the center light but the gondola pivots in place. Now I must
use the left-hand lever to advance to gondola to the next position. The
"Ventricle" device is turned on.

I return to the original gondola position by using the right-hand lever
twice and the left-hand lever twice. I step out of the gondola and look
at the power indicator for the Uranium power and pull down the lever to
the left. This brings the ship to full power.

VIDEO CLIP - (J. C. Pharris/Jan Pharris outside Uranium Furnace)
J.C. Pharris: Damn fool! An embarrassment! All my time! All my money!
Wasted...on your foolish ideas!
Jan Pharris: The machine will work! It doesn't have to end like this!
They're all worthless anyway. Let me use them... to prove our work.
Father, try to understand. In the dream world... Claire and I can...
J.C. Pharris: Jan I won't let you sacrifice her innocence to your
demented fantasies! You could have killed her! The Neurographicon
failed you! And you failed me! It's over Jan! Forget about Claire and
this daydream. Maybe if you'd been born differently....
But, I misjudged your abilities. We're heading back to New York!

Bringing the ship to full power has somehow strengthened the visions
for now I can hear them in addition to seeing them.

Arctic Explorer: What's happened? Lighting the furnace seems to have
fully awakened the ghosts aboard Herculania.

 Leo Galte (stateroom puzzle)
I have seen images from the past of Leo Galte. He seems to be a hard
man both on his fellow human beings and on four legged friends. I saw
him once on the staircase and then again out on the ship's deck.

VIDEO CLIP: Leo and Muffy
Leo Galte: Belle, get your ankle bitin' mutt off me!
VIDEO CLIP: Leo and Muffy (deck)
Leo Galte: Here Muffy. Come here Muffy. Come on girl, come on girl.
Hey! Here Muffy! Come on girl! Fetch girl, fetch. Get it girl.

I decide to take the elevator to the second floor gymnasium.
In the hallway I find several paintings of boxers in various weight
classes. There is an empty spot for welter weight, Leo Galte.

Arctic Explorer: A hallway of boxing greats from every weight class.

All of a sudden another strange vision appears.
VIDEO CLIP: (Belle Swan and Leo Galte outside gymnasium)
Belle Swan: Stealin' your poster, Leo? I guess that's about as close as
you'll ever get to that title you wanted.
Leo Galte: At least what I got, I earned standin' up to men, not lying
down for them.

So it is a picture of the passenger Leo Galte that is missing. I
continue on into the gymnasium.

Arctic Explorer: A gymnasium...It's as if this ship was designed with
certain people in mind.

To my left I discover a scale. On the floor are two weights. When I go
to investigate weights, the image of Leo Galte appears again.
VIDEO CLIP: (Leo Galte on scale in gymnasium)
Leo Galte: Same exact weight I was when I knocked out Fighting Flanders
in the third.
...There now, now I'm ready for the title - Heavyweight Champion of the

On closer look at the scale I discover the different weight classes.
The one that was missing from the hallway was welterweight, 135 - 155
lbs. Leo stated that with the two bar bells he could be a heavyweight.
If only I knew how much the barbells were.

Further investigation of the gym I find the weight rack. Two ten pound
weights are missing. That must mean that Leo must weigh in at 155 lbs
because that is the only welter weight which added to 10 pounds would
put him in the heavyweight class.

I deduce that Leo's stateroom code is 155, a number near and dear to
his heart.
I take a final look in the gym checking out the vibrating belt and
rowing machines just for fun. When I go to the pool I see another

VIDEO CLIP: (Leo Galte and Grace at pool)
Leo Galte: That Belly dancer's got some moves. Kinda sorry they cut the
show out. Yessir Gracie, I thought I'd put another feather in me cap.
If you know what I mean ole' girl?
Grace Thermon: Do you mind Mr. Galte?
Leo Galte: Not at all Gracie. But, ya' know the bloom ain't all the way
off a that rose.
Matter of fact, I 'member there's a bloomin' rose tattooed right on
Belle's arse. Oh she's quite the bird.

I take the elevator back down to level 2 to the stateroom area near the
model ship.
Proceeding to the Galte door I enter the code 155. The door opens and I
enter Leo's stateroom.
Another vision awaits me here. This Leo Galte must have something to
hide from his past.

VIDEO CLIP: (Leo Galte in stateroom)
Leo Galte: I'm gonna wallop that Bully. Yellow-bellied Billy. First
round 'e'd run out o' the ring. I'll squeeze that tater he calls a head
'til his eyes pop right outta his noggin. Teach him to steal my
money...Lay him out cold as a crypt...just like back in Ireland, that
mess with me and Mollie..who'd that whore think she was? Nothin' woulda
happened if she'd only kept her fingers outta me wallet...

I take a close look at his desk and discover a box containing a strange
serum. The box tells me the pod retraction code is 318. I have seen
this pod retraction machine down in the sanitarium. I decide that my
next order of business is to go to the sanitarium.


Taking the serum with me, I take the elevator to the fourth floor
sanitorium. I see several strange viewers. On close inspection of each
one, I find the name of each of the passengers. When I depress the
button on each viewer I see some awful glimpse into the past of each
passenger. This is not the same introduction to each passenger that I
found at the kinescopes, but perhaps a more truthful look at their
unsavory character. I sense an evil motive behind bringing these select
passengers to this ship.

VIDEO CLIP: (Leo Galte - Sanitorium)
Leo Galte: You'll not be robbin' me of my shot at the title by dumpin'
your bastard boy on me!
Belle Swan: But Leo he's yours.
Leo Galte: That freak ain't no part of me! Get away from me woman!

VIDEO CLIP: (Billy Mexler - Sanitorium)
A young Billy Mexler: Billy Mexler presents, the monster of the Goodman
Home...Freak show attraction Jan.

VIDEO CLIP: (Grace Thermon - Sanitorium)
Grace Thermon: Maybe some time in the box will break your willful

VIDEO CLIP: (Belle Swan - Sanitorium)
A young Jan Pharris: Please mother don't leave me.
Belle Swan: I told you, I can't let you stand in my way. Let go Jan.
This is your home now.

This must be where Dr. Malherbe conducted some of his "Neurographicon"
experiments. I remember from the postcard that I found that there were
several pod type objects in this room. Now I see only one.
I go to a machine that is labeled "Pod Retractor". I enter the number
318 that I learned from the stateroom is the pod retraction code.
Suddenly the remaining pod rises and the descends through the floor out
of my sight.
Another ghostly vision appears before me.

VIDEO CLIP: (J. C. Pharris and Dr. Malherbe in Sanitorium)
J.C. Pharris: You incompetent quack! Look what you've done...
Dr. Malherbe:...But...Mr. Pharris....I'm sure... I mean... Well, I
thought....Sir, Jan assured me... He said he'd wake them...
J.C. Pharris: ..Wake them! He's killed them! And, you've helped him!
Dr. Malherbe: Oh God! The dreams of the dead! What...what have I done?

There seems to be a secret panel in this wall. I did not notice this
before. I decide to investigate by exiting through this door.

Neurographicon Chamber
When I go down the stairs I find a most disturbing sight. The missing
pods are found here. Inside I find the passengers! Are they dead? The
look of torment on their faces makes me wish I could somehow release
them and put them at peace.

Arctic Explorer: They're all dead. Were these pods meant to keep them
alive or were they the instruments of their deaths?

At The end of the hall I see a larger pod. When I look at it closer it
opens. My God! I see that it is Jan. Is he the cause of all these
peoples suffering?

Arctic Explorer: It's him. It's Jan.

At the other end I can just make out another figure. Is this the one
remaining passenger, Claire Moon? I can't seem to be able to get to her
at this time.
There is one remaining pod. I sense I must enter this pod to find the
answers and help that I seek.

Arctic Explorer: This is a gateway to other worlds. If I don't get in,
I'll never know the full story.

When I enter, the door closes on me. I carefully place the serum on the
proper recepticle. I fear where this machine will take me, but I know I
must go on.

Leo Galte's Dreamworld

Map puzzle

I go to the police station. On the right I notice several desks.
On close inspection I discover a cork peg board holding several push
pins below the names of six women.
I find I can place the pins on the maps which are hanging on the wall.
I do not know the significance of the name or places so I return the
pins. I decide to look around the police station. Following down a
hall, I discover six jail cells.
Going past the jail cells I get behind the large entry desk where I
find the names of the inhabitants of the cells. Matching the names with
the objects found in each cell I develop the following connections:

Cell #1 matches Tess and has a glove
Cell #2 matches Ophelia and there is knitting yarn
Cell #3 matches Molly and she plays the flute
Cell #4 matches Lulu and there is a teacup
Cell #5 matches Kitty and she wears a hat
Cell #6 matches Ingrid and she is missing an earring

I leave the police station and walk down the street to Mrs. Pettibones
boarding house. Inside I go upstairs and enter each of the bedrooms. In
each room I discover an object which connects that room with a cell and
girl back at the police station. Each room also has a stereoscopic
viewer which shows a particular part of the world. From what I have
discovered I deduce the following:

Ophelia who knits is from England

Lulu who drinks tea is from Hong Kong

Tess wears gloves and is from Paris

Molly plays the flute and is from New York

Ingrid wears earrings and is from Egypt

Kitty likes hats and is from Rome

Returning to the police station, I place the push pins on the matching
I am rewarded with a rose. I find myself in front of the flower push
cart. When I place the rose on the dried up baskets, one basket
suddenly bursts into bloom.

Leo's Dreamworld - Dart Puzzle

When I enter the pub I find several booths. On each table there sits a
box of darts. By experimentation I discover that when I choose the
correct dart and it is thrown at the dart board, the dart remains in
the board. However, at the next booth if I choose the incorrect dart
all dart disappear. I make the connection between the dart designs and
the designs on the tap pulls. I need to carefully match the designs
paying close attention to stripes and designs.

I find, looking at the three booths to the right of the fireplace, that
at the first booth I must choose the dart third from the bottom.

At the second booth I must choose the dart fifth from the bottom.

At the third booth I must use the first dart.

Going to the other side of the pub I start at the left most booth. At
this booth I choose the blue dart which is second from the bottom.

In the next booth I choose the sixth dart from the bottom.

At the last booth I choose the dart which is fourth from the bottom.

When all darts are stuck in the dart board a strange thing happens. The
fireplace turns and I find I can walk through it to a large room.

In this room I find a boxing ring. On the stool in one of the corners I
find a rose. After picking up the rose I find myself back at the push
cart. Again I am able to bring some of the flowers back to full bloom.

Leo's Dreamworld - Muffy Puzzle

At the police station I noticed a poster stating that a small dog named
Muffy is missing. She was last seen at Sweeny's meats. I decide to go
to Sweeny's to see if I can find out what has happened to this poor
When I get to Sweeny's I find a most disturbing scene. Poor Muffy's
tail seems to be left on the butcher block. The back of the dog tag
tells me to call at Mrs. Pettibones.

I return to Mrs., Pettibones and go into the library where there is a
phone. Suddenly it starts to ring. When I answer it a man's sinister
voice warns me:

PHONE VOICE: We got your dog and if you don't want to wind up in the
morgue, you better...

Worried now I go back to the police station to investigate the morgue.
There is a body on the table now.
Unfortunately I see that Mrs. Pettibone has met with an untimely end.
She suddenly vanishes and all that remains is a rose.  Returning to the
push cart, I turn the last of the dead stems to bloom and beauty.

After completing my tasks I am returned to the Neurographicon chamber.
Here I see what remains of Leo Galte turning first to skeleton and then
disappearing, hopefully resting now in peace.

Belle Swan's Stateroom Puzzle

I encounter the ghost of Belle Swan speaking to J. C. Pharris outside
the ballroom.

J. C. Pharris: Well, I'm sorry Mrs. Swan, but we're going back to New
Belle Swan: But, it'd be foolish to cancel my performance because of
that silliness with Jan. I'm certain...
J. C. Pharris: Pardon me, but I see no reason to continue this trip. I
should think you'd understand. As you well know, sometimes we have to
make hard decisions for Jan's own good.

I read the vaudeville card beside the entrance to the ballroom "Belle
Swan performing Salome's Seven Veils".

Upstairs on level 1 I enter the lounge. On one of the tables I read a
placard stating that for Miss Swan's performance it would be: Angelic
Souther on harp, "Sticks" Menkin on drums, and Horace Whiteside on

Back on level 2, I enter the ball room and see a strange music making
machine. Remembering the performers I select harp, drums and oboe.
Knowing Belle is dancing to Salome's Seven Veils I choose that as my
song selection. When I play my selection the number 568 appears on the
music machine. This is Belle Swan's stateroom code.

After entering Miss Swan's stateroom I find a compact on her table.
This triggers another ghostly vision.

Belle Swan: I must look a mess! What kind of ship is this? That machine
has left me a bundle of nerves. I remember dreaming... a Sultan's
palace, but then I... I couldn't get out. Something... someone
...pulling me into darkness. Well I won't get back into that beastly
machine! I hope Claire has the sense to keep away from it too!

There is a scrapbook which divulges to me the shallowness of Belle's
character. She seems to be in search of one husband after the next. She
has little love for Claire.

Page One
Well here I am in my very first photograph. I was gorgeous even then.
A lock of my beautiful hair.
Page Two
My first public appearance. But I should have played the basket. Miss
Julie always hated me.
A feather from my costume.
Page Three
Critical acclaim finally! What a role! I was so excited. I had two call
Page Four
Thank goodness Helen got sick. Finally a performance on the big stage.
Page Five
My first marriage. Harry was ok. I thought his money could bolster my
career, but what a jealous monster! I was elegant.
Page Six
Poor Harry! At least I finally got my full name printed in a reputable
My second mistake Thomas didn't like to be photographed. Just as well,
I'm ravishing all by myself.
Page Seven
Davy and I have been meeting secretly for over a month now. I do wish
Thomas would go out of town more frequently.
At least now Davy and I can be married.
Page Eight
My fourth husband Archie. He's a big shot in the theatre. Finally, I've
married a man with all the right connections. The only drawback is
Too bad I'm stuck with Claire. At least I control Archie's fortune.
Page Nine
Peter's proposal was sweet. But the diamond he offered me clinched the
Not one dime! How dare that old goat leave me penniless. Good thing I
held on to Claire.
Page Ten
I can't imagine why they wanted me to bring Claire along. As long as I
get to perform "The Seven Veils" I'll go.

I open the box and find another vial of serum. I know I must take this
to the Neurographicon chamber and use it to enter the dreams of Belle

Belle Swan's Dreamworld

Hookah Puzzle
When I enter Belle's dreamworld I find myself in a world reminiscent of
a Sultan's palace. I stand before a covered object. Leave it to Belle
to become the ultimate "wife" and dream of being part of a harem. She
was always seeking something other than what she had.

I leave the upper dome room and go down the stairs and turn right at
the lion fountain. I enter the room to my right. Here I find a maze
like toy. Following from full moon to crescent moon, the path takes me
through the following symbols: triangle, three lines, a star, an "s"
shape, and a spade shape.

Leaving this room and going across the hall to the other room, I find
five hookahs. When each hookah is activated a symbol in smoke is
displayed, matching one of the five symbols on the maze toy.
 One side if the room has 3 hookahs and the other has 2.  The one
with 3 starting left to right are:
 1st =Ace , 2nd = Three squiggly lines , 3rd =Star.  The one with 2
hookahs from left to right are 1st = Triangle and the 2nd = S shape.
These need to be touched in the order from the path.
I activate the hookahs in the same sequence and am rewarded with a
feather. I find myself back at the covered object from whence I

When I place the feather on the covered object, a mechanical bird is
revealed to me.

Snake Puzzle
I wander out of the Sultan's palace and into the bazaar. Here I find
several booths with items for sale.
One booth has musical instruments. When I look at the oboe-like
instrument a calming music is heard.
I continue deeper into the bazaar and come upon a booth selling
baskets. When I lift the lid of one of the baskets a snake rises up,
charmed by the music.

Again I am given a feather to take to the caged bird. This time the
bird appears to come to life.

Tapestry Puzzle
In each of the hookah and banquet rooms there are five minaret rooms.
In each of these rooms there hangs a tapestry. When I have entered each
of these rooms and looked at each tapestry I find that they are all now
hanging in the tapestry room behind the lion fountain. The trick here I
soon discover to place the tapestries in order. To do this I pay close
attention to the designs. What may begin on one tapestry finishes on
the next. For example, the first tapestry has a purple wall in the
upper right hand corner. I find the next tapestry by looking for one
with a purple object in the upper left hand corner. The order is: Man
on horseback,  woman with house behind her, woman dancing with man on
mat, mass of people falling, man and woman kneeling on mat drinking
tea, man and woman together holding hands, man with flaming pot, man
praying, two men talking, father with hand on son's shoulder, ghost
images of man and woman.

After putting all the tapestries in the correct order I receive the
final feather. This time the bird is released from it's imprisonment
and flies away. Similarly Belle's corpse flies from it's Neurographicon
chamber pod.

Billy Mexler's Stateroom Puzzle

Wandering throughout the ship I learn through the ghostly visions that
Billy Mexler may be a few bricks short of a full load. He also seems to
be a bit of a scam artist.

VIDEO CLIP: (Billy and Leo in Lounge)
Billy Mexler: Step right up! And find the fat lady? Where's the queen?
She's hidin' out with the jokers. Pick the queen and win a bundle. Come
on Leo, even you can spot a lady.
Sorry Leo, guess you're not as good with the ladies as you thought.

In the bar I learn that Leo is a lover of cigars.

VIDEO CLIP: (Billy Mexler in lounge)
Billy Mexler: Ah, those warm, brown, Cuban thighs.

I walk through the lounge and into the dining room.

Arctic Explorer: It's like a dream. I can almost see the passengers
sitting down to their last meal.

Looking over to the left as I walk in I find a box of cigars. When I
find the brand that Billy smokes (top row 2nd or 3rd hole from left) the
pile shifts and I discover a business card. On the back I recognize a
picture of the fountain outside of the Turkish Bath.
I decide to go check out this fountain which is located on level three
beyond the staterooms. Here I encounter another vision. Another scheme
for Billy.

VIDEO CLIP: (Billy Mexler and Grace Thermon by fountain)
Billy Mexler: You see, Miss Grace, I got this friend, Leon. And he's
found a bubblin' spring with sparkling water. We got a plan, see. We're
gonna bottle the water, and give it a fancy soundin' French name -
somethin' like, like uh, Pond de Leon. If you loosen your purse strings
a bit, we could bottle this stuff and sell it for a good profit.
Grace Thermon: William, do you really think people will spend their
hard earned money on sparkling French water in bottles? I certainly
would not.
Billy Mexler: I guess you wouldn't. But then again, you're as tight as
a crab's ass, and that's waterproof.

After The apparition vanishes I find another business card floating in
the water. This time Billy is scamming as a "Royal Flusher".

I walk back away from the fountain and enter the mud bath. Here I find
Billy hanging over the bidet. Not being too bright, Billy is surprised
when he pulls the handle.

VIDEO CLIP: (Billy by bidet)
Billy Mexler: Oh....Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
Stupid ship! What'd they do - hit an iceberg?
What the hell?

A the bottom of the bidet I find a key. In the mud bath there are
several lockers. This key fits the locker for Billy. Inside I find that
Billy has an affection for a rather large woman. All 386 pounds of her.
I return to Billy's statroom door and enter 386.

Once inside Billy's room I see how the passengers must have been
drugged in order to force them into the Neurographicon. Dr. Malherbe is
becoming an unwilling accomplice to Jan's schemes.

VIDEO CLIP: (Jan drugs Billy)
Billy Mexler: What the Hell? What are you rats doing?
Jan Pharris: Aren't you going to help me doctor?
Get over here and help me! Malherbe! Now!

I pick up the serum and head back to the Neurographicon chamber. What
kind of world would this incompetent scam artist dream up? I place the
serum in the receptacle.
Billy Mexler's Dreamworld

Circus Play Puzzle
Billy's dreamworld is a carnival. It seems fitting that a huckster like
Billy would dream of a carnival.
I go into the fun house and watch the circus play.
After leaving the fun house I walk past the poster of King Colossus and
see that there is a break in the fence. When I try to go through it, a
rat frightens me away.

I discover that there is another trash can beside the freak tent. If I
knock this over popcorn spills out and the rat is attracted to it.

Now when I return to the broken fence I can go through it. I find
myself in front of a trailer. I enter the trailer and open the suitcase
under the bed. In side I find a poster advertising the "fat lady" and
her son, Will. Could this be Billy? That explains his preoccupation
with heavy women.
I leave the trailer and continue along the outside fence until I reach
the stage door. When I go through this door I find myself backstage of
the fun house.

The first thing I must do is turn down the house lights.
When I pull on one of the ropes it triggers a scene from the circus
play. Like some of Billy's scams I can see there is little substance to
the scenery when some of it falls over. I remember the sequence from
the circus play and know I must play them back in the proper sequence.
Assuming the ropes are numbered 1-5 from left to right, the ropes
trigger scenes in this order: 1,3,5,4,2.

When the play is finished I am rewarded with a card and find myself in
front of the gypsy booth.

Calliope Puzzle
I go to the race track and watch the outcome of the race. Playing it
again I see the results are the same. Has Billy fixed the race? Keeping
the results in mind

I walk around the carousel and look at the calliope. I notice pictures
of horses and wonder if there is a connection to the horse race. I set
the sliders to the same as the finish places of the colors of the
horses. Blue -1, Red-2, Green-3, Purple-4, Black-5, and White-6.

Now when I play the keys the calliope starts up and I go for a ride on
the carousel. I give the second card I have won to the gypsy.

Fat Lady Puzzle
To solve the weight of the fat lady I have to pay close attention to my
surroundings. Looking at a poster advertising, Beula the fat lady, I
see that she weighs the same a tall man and a sack of money.

On a poster I find outside the oddities trailer, I discover later that
this man is King Colossus and every year he is given a ransom (the sack
of money?) of 500 tahoopie coins.

Inside the "oddities trailer" I learn that a tahoopie coin weighs 4
ounces. Therefore the sack of coins weighs 125 pounds. Now all I need
to know is how much does the King weigh. On the same poster of King
Colossus I learn that it takes four average men to carry the king.

At the He-man booth, I pick up the hammer and ring the bell. On its way
up I read that an average man registers 75 pounds. Multiplying this by
four, I get 300 pounds for the weight of the king. Adding this to the
weight of the coins I come up with 425 for the weight of the fat lady.
I return to the fat lady booth and enter 425 pounds. 

I am rewarded with the final card and Billy can finally rest.

Dr. Malherbe's Stateroom Puzzle

Dr. Malherbe's part in Jan's evil plan was more than he could endure,
hence he took his own life. His participation has been revealed to me
through the strange ghostly images I have seen since I boarded this
ship. I saw a vision of Dr. Malherbe and Jan up on the fore deck of the
Herculania, near the sundial.

VIDEO CLIP: Dr. Malherbe and Jan Pharris on deck
Dr. Malherbe: You sent for me Jan?
Jan Pharris: Yes, Doctor. We're going to conduct another test of the
Neurographicon tonight. The problems that led to the Ballroom disaster
have been corrected. We'll have to subdue the others to get them to
cooperate. I trust you can prepare something for just that purpose?
Dr. Malherbe: Of course. But, must we drug them? Can't your father
convince them to participate?
Jan Pharris: Malherbe, I must prove my machine works first , then we'll
tell Father. Is that understood?
When the others are in place, you must join me in the Neurographicon
Chamber. You have all the stateroom codes?
Dr. Malherbe: Yes. They're in my room.
Jan Pharris: Well, then. Go.

In the kinescopes outside the theater I learned about Dr. Malherbe's
experiments. I also learned that the three ingredients in the serum are
the black orchid, valley orchid and the secret frog. With this
knowledge I adventure through the ballroom and into the greenhouse.
Here I find a gardener's shed which has a map of the greenhouse on the
wall. The areas of the greenhouse are labeled with seemingly unrelated
words. They must hold some meaning to Dr. Malherbe.

Arctic Explorer: This watering system has kept the greenhouse plants
alive for decades. But what do these strange names mean?

Using the placements of the black orchid, valley orchid and frogs, I
discover that they are respectively, death, earth and soul.
I leave the greenhouse and go to the Herbal Lab located beyond the
staterooms. Here I witness Dr. Malherbe at work, drawing some blood
from Grace Thermon.

VIDEO CLIP: Dr. Malherbe and Grace Thermon in herbal lab
Dr. Malherbe: Miss Thermon, I assure you, all of the equipment IS
sanitary. Now if you don't mind, I'll take some of your blood.
Otherwise, I can't make your serum. And, if you don't have a serum, you
can't enter the beauty of your dreams.
Grace Thermon: But, Doctor, I... I don't like needles.
Dr. Malherbe: here now, it only stung for a second. And, now, Miss
Thermon, you'll enter a world far greater than your most secret dreams.

Searching the herbal lab I discover a dissecting tray. Perhaps this is
the secret ingredient.

Arctic Explorer: Frogs? Why would they be dissecting frogs?

There also is a machine which must be used in some way to make up the
serums the passengers were given. I use the three ingredients which
were decoded from the greenhouse chart: death, earth and soul. This
combination produces a number, 411. 411 is Malherbe's stateroom code.

I return to Malherbe's stateroom and enter the code.
Once inside, I discover a notebook.  I read the entries in Malhebe's

February 12, 1912
Our experiments with Jan have exceeded my expectations. His mind is
beyond belief. The results of the social isolation and the herbal
injections have yielded phenomenal results. Pharris has insisted I show
him my notes. I think it best to keep some entries separate.
December 15, 1917
Jan's reaction to the treatments is extremely uncomfortable to observe.
I'm reluctant to share my supplies of morphine to ease his suffering,
but if Mr. Pharris knew the intense pain Jan endures because of the
injections, I would be summarily dismissed. It is good he sees the boy
so little.
April 24, 1926
I wish I understood the pharmacology of the substances I administer.
The supply of the frog secretion I brought back from Indonesia is all
but gone. I need to return to the jungle to acquire more of the
medicines, but I can't endure another expedition.
December 1, 1927
Pharris's interest in my research of the Indonesian ritual has fallen
by the wayside as Jan endeavors to expand the role of the
Neurographicon. If Jan holds the unfortunate side effects of his herbal
treatments against me, I fear my relationship with him will soon end.
What will become of me then?

Inside the notebook is a list of the passengers stateroom codes. The
list has been torn and the only code that I can read is Claire's.
Claire's stateroom code is 324.

Claire Moon's Stateroom

I first saw Claire Moon as a vision up on deck as she sat in her
wheelchair. Her innocence was apparent to me even then. Later as I saw
her compassion towards Jan as he attempted and then failed to cure her
of her polio. I am sure she does not know of Jan's plan to use the
other passengers. She sees a side of Jan that others do not. In the
ballroom sits her empty wheelchair. On closer inspection I see Jan's
success and his failure.

VIDEO CLIP: Jan and Claire in ballroom
Jan Pharris: The atrophy has reversed. Your legs should support you
well enough to dance.
Claire Moon: Delighted.
Leo Mexler: he's a bleedin' monster.
Claire Moon: I'm so very grateful. For a moment you gave me my dreams.
Jan Pharris: My machine failed us!
Claire Moon: Don't worry Jan. I can still see YOU.

Jan's failure to cure Claire is made worse by the taunting of the other
passengers. I can tell that his father's harsh words must hurt him

VIDEO CLIP: Leo, Billy, Grace, Belle and J.C. Pharris in ballroom
Leo Galte: He's a bleedin' monster. Ain't even human!
Billy Mexler: Pharris's floatin' freak show.
Belle Swan: Get up Claire. Don't touch HIM!
JC. Pharris: Fool! You've failed me...again!
I apologize for this monstrous turn of events...Seems that Jan...
..well, it seems he's once again disappointed...

I enter 324 into Claire's stateroom door and enter her room. I find a
sketch book where she has drawn a picture of Jan. Feeling a bit
intrusive, I read the entries in Claire's diary.

November 17, 1928
Dear Diary,
Since this promises to be a swell adventure, I'm going to keep a daily
journal of my trip. As if having polio weren't enough, Mother continues
to be overbearing. I am so looking forward to being around other
people. I'm glad Mr. Pharris insisted she bring me. Perhaps this trip
will be good for both of us.

November 18, 1928
Dear Diary,
Meeting Jan today was so awkward. Mother saw him for the first time
since she left him so many years ago at the Goodman Home for Boys. She
called him a freak to his face. I don't think she realizes how cruel
she can be. Mother just can't handle things that make her
uncomfortable. If Jan's Neurographicon works, maybe then we won't be
such an embarrassment.

November 19, 1928
Dear Diary,
I'm still a little shaken by last night. It was both terrifying and
exhilarating. For a few wonderful moments I was dancing with Jan. And,
then that awful moment. His eyes seemed to empty as his dreams
vanished. And, then everybody was so mean to him. I think he uses his
brilliance as a shield against their cruelty. I wish, for his sake, the
machine had worked. Perhaps tonight it will. I'm a little nervous by
all the secrecy, but if all goes well, Dear Diary, tomorrow when I
write I'll be free of my crutches!

There are no further entries in the diary. I do find a note from Jan
that expresses the strong feelings he has for Claire.

Dear Claire,
I've always thought the mirror a cruel instrument. Yet its surface
reflects for you a kindness I have never known. Wear my pendant and see
its mirror image -- the key to a dream we will soon share. Meet me

It is a shame that he has been denied love for so long that he feels
compelled to entrap the passengers in order to find some measure of
happiness. Even if it is just an illusion. Jan's feelings for revenge
were shown to me up on the deck after speaking to Malherbe.

VIDEO CLIP: Jan on deck
Jan Pharris: Soon Dr. Malherbe, you and the others will know what
torments I've been forced to endure.

Grace Thermon's Stateroom Puzzle

My first glimpse of Grace Thermon came on the deck of the ship where
she was frightened by a crab. I have since learned that it is others
who should be frightened of her. She seems to have her own opinions and
is very willing to share them with the world.

VIDEO CLIP: Grace Thermon and Billy Mexler in dining room
Grace Thermon: Young man, don't you know you're poisoning your body and
your soul? Now put it out! Keep it up young man, and you'll burn in
Billy Mexler: Oh, I'm just a tremblin'. What are you, anyway some kind
of fortune tellin' witch or somethin'? Loosen up Miss Grace. We're not
at the Home anymore.

When I was down in the Uranium furnace area I came across a work order
that instructed someone to turn up each heater to 40 degrees. It also
made some mention of the fountains relating to the temperature ratios.

When I return to fountain area located behind the model ship I turn the
fountain on by pressing on of the three buttons. Matching the colored
buttons to the names on the door, I notice that the fridgidarium causes
one stream of water, the tempidarium causes two streams of water and
the vaporarium has three. This must mean the temperatures have a 1:2:3
ratio. Knowing that each heater is 40 degrees I calculate the three
temperatures to be 40, 80 and 120. I enter these amounts into the door
adjustment panels. When I have done this I can enter the rooms. 

Not surprisingly, I find Miss Grace in the hottest room. Grace
complaining again, this time that it is too hot.

Grace Thermon: It's too hot now. They turned it up too high.
Just a breeding ground for filth and decay.

When in the vaporarium I turn one of the water faucets and steam up the
room. I see that someone has written on the door Psalm 24:4. 244 is
Grace's stateroom code. I return to Grace's stateroom and enter the
code. It seems strange to me that Grace would collect dolls. She
doesn't seem the type. I read a letter that falls from a Bible and I
see what Grace was really like.

Dear Miss Thermon,
I am distressed to inform you that your services will no longer be
needed at the Goodman Home for Boys. On more than one occasion you were
informed your treatment of the boys would be closely supervised. And,
despite those warnings, you continued to discipline the young boys in a
manner which does not represent the atmosphere of love we strive to
sustain here at the Goodman Home. Since this latest episode has
required the involvement of the Boston Police, I have been forced to
take more permanent action and remove you from the Home for the
protection of the children.
It is rather unfortunate, but in keeping with your benefactor's will, I
have returned the bequest to a trust in your name at the Boston Savings
Company. This substantial amount of money should accommodate any of
your future needs. I hope this inheritance will compel you to retire.
Yours truly,
Horace Goodman

I understand what abuse Jan must have endured at her hands during his
stay at the Goodman home. Her anger is shown when I investigate a hat
box containing a sweet looking doll.

VIDEO CLIP: (Grace in her stateroom)
Grace Thermon: I won't have you talking back to me. Some time in the
box will make you realize...

I pick up the serum and head back to the Neurographicon chamber. I
place the serum in the receptacle and enter the dreams of Grace

Grace Thermon's Dreamworld

Voodoo Drum Puzzle
I begin the adventure in front of a small shack which is on a beach.
Inside I find three burning idols. I decide to journey up the hill to
the right of the shack.
I find several poles with drums near them. When I go past one of them I
hear a beat of the drum. When I go past other drums I hear a different
beats. I try beating them in different orders. Nothing seems to work.
Knowing Grace's low tolerance level I swing around and around beating
the drums in frustration. This seems to do the trick and I become
entranced by the music and become dizzy.

I find myself back at the shack and I am able to put out one of burning

Monkey Cave Puzzle
Back at the shack I turn to the left this time and cross the bridge. At
the top of the hill I find the entrance to the monkey cave.

Inside this dark mysterious cave I find three large monkey idols. There
are also three primitive chairs that allow me to rise above the idols.
At the top of each rising chair there is a lever which can be pulled
but there doesn't seem to be anything else to do at the top at this

The chair at the right takes me to a lever which appears to rotate the
dome object in the center of the room.

The chair in the middle takes me to a lever which when pulled allows
sunlight to enter the cave. I decide to leave the cave lit.

The chair at the left takes me to a lever which turns the dome object
over and into a mirror. I sense that my job it to reflect the light to
the proper area of the cave. I find that if I go up in the right-hand
chair and pull the lever once more,  the mirror is now reflecting the
light towards the left.

When I ride up the left-hand chair and turn around I discover a
scaffold over which I can now pass.
When I reach the end of the tunnel I find I am behind the waterfall. I
take a clue from Grace and take a leap of faith.

Again I end up a the voodoo shack and I extinguish the second flame.

Graveyard Puzzle

This time when I cross the bridge I turn to the left and walk toward
the graveyard. On inspection of the obelisk I find I can climb down and
find myself in front of several underground caves.

After checking several of them out I am frightened by a large gorilla.
Afterwards I find a small monkey toy engraved with the words: To my
darling son, who would have been 7. May the angels continue to watch
over you.

Returning to the grave yard I read the tombstones until I find one for
a boy who died before age seven and who is watched over by angels.

When I find the appropriate marker and place the toy on it, I am
returned to the voodoo shack in order to put out the final flame.

Although Grace may have caused pain to others she is finally released
from her own torment.

When I am returned back to the Neurographicon chamber I discover that
by releasing this last soul I can now walk up and see Jan's final

Arctic Explorer: Claire? The others are dead, but she's alive. The
necklace is the key to saving her.

I can sense that I am close to solving the mysteries of this ship. But
can I also save Claire?

Jan's stateroom puzzle

I make a note of the design of the necklace that Claire wears.
Remembering Jan's note to Claire I realize that the code to Jan's
stateroom code is the "mirror" image of the necklace.
I enter the code into the keypad and enter Jan's room.

Arctic Explorer: Could this room be the final piece of the puzzle?

I walk towards the mirror, which I know has never been kind to Jan.
When I look into the mirror I see and feel first Jan's shame and then
his anger.

VIDEO CLIP: Jan's stateroom
Jan Pharris: I can't go back to New York. Not yet! Not when I can
finally see perfection. But Father won't let me explain. His
indifference builds a wall between us. He sees only this surface. Why I
am given the need for his love and an appearance that denies that
And Claire trapped in that wheelchair. If I don't act now, she'll know
only her disability. And yet our dreams could be reality if I used the
others to fuel my machine.
How odd, that a beautiful oasis can be built on the pathetic realities
of their lives. I will have what I desire. Even if my fate is secured
by their soulless death. In the Neurographicon, I can rip away this
insignificant flesh. Then their loathing will turn to fear! Damn them
to the worlds they deserve!

After the Jan shatters the mirror another code is revealed to me. This
must be the code to his father's room.

J. C. Pharris' Stateroom and Final Sequence
I leave Jan's room and cross the hall to J. C. Pharris's room. I enter
the code that I discovered in Jan's room.

Inside I see an empty pod. I cautiously enter.

Arctic Explorer: This is it... my life... everything...

Once inside I experience what the others must have experienced. I'm
trapped in my own dream. The dream of finding my father.

Arctic Explorer: I've journeyed into my own nightmare...

When I end my travel to this dreamworld I find myself in an ice cave. I
can see what looks like a body frozen solid in the ice before me.

When I search the cave I find a pick that I use to free the man from
his grave of ice. Could this be my father? I read the entries in
journal and know that my own search is over.

To my darling Theodore,
All my love and best wishes for a successful journey.
Sara and Matthew
This is the journal of Commander Theodore Holmes.

November 29, 1928
Though my dream to traverse the pole by balloon has been regarded with
contempt, I have nevertheless struggled to secure a name for myself.
However, our balloon has not endured as well as I'd hoped. The eight
failed attempts to launch the balloon into this bitter Arctic wind have
disillusioned me and I find myself longing for the comforts of home. I
dream of my wife and son and wish I might spend just an evening with
them. The photograph I carry of Sara and Matthew is a sorrowful
testament to how much I've missed.

November 30, 1928
Launch of the balloon was interrupted when we stumbled upon a body
frozen in the ice. We were astonished to find him still alive! We
tended the worst of his frostbite, but his death seems imminent. The
man is tormented, bemoaning an ill-fated journey and the tragedy of his
son, Jan. He's asked me to deliver a letter to his son, whom he claims
is still on board an icebound ship - a miraculous yacht named
Herculania. The crew is leery of his request, believing he is already
beyond this world. I am intrigued by the old man's story. Can such a
ship exist?
December 2, 1928
The old man died today. Despite the warnings from my crew, I am
compelled by the man's heartbreaking tale and intend to find Herculania
and his son. I'll set out alone tomorrow. I've wired my family
regarding my plans. I pray Sara understands.
December 6, 1928
I hope I've not made a mistake. It may be the old man's story was no
more than hallucination. The amputation and morphine surely clouded his
thinking, but his tale of regret seems more real than my own dreams of
Arctic glory. The crew thought me a fool to attempt the pole by
balloon. Now they regard my plan to deliver the old man's letter to his
forsaken son as utter madness. I hope to prove them wrong.
December 10, 1928
A violent storm has forced me to seek shelter in an ice cave. The winds
howl with abandon, but at least I'm safe for now.
December 13, 1928
Cave entrance collapsed. Darkness abounds. My candle supplies meager
warmth. Will try at all costs to pick through the ice. Can barely feel
my hands. What a fool! Should never have ventured this on my own. My
last thoughts are of Sara and young Matthew. Can they forgive me? What
will become of them?

A letter is inside the journal. Could this be the letter my father died
trying to deliver to Jan?

Dear Jan,
I searched for someone as incapable of being loved as I was incapable
of giving love. And, despite my monstrous attempts to isolate you from
my feelings, I grew to love you...as my son. Now, I will die with
regret...regret for never expressing my pride and affection. Forgive me
this utter failing my son.

Jan was loved. Perhaps if I can complete the delivery of this letter
Jan can know true peace and I can rescue not only Claire, but Jan too.
After reading the letter I find myself on the verandah of a beautiful
chateau. Is this the dreamworld that Jan has created for himself and
Claire? I see the letter on the table.

Suddenly the ghostly image of Claire giving the letter to Jan appears.
Just then the world before me changes. Reality blending with illusion.

I find myself back on the ice. Was it all a dream? I hear the whir of
helicopter blades. A familiar face comes towards me. I am rescued.

And what a damn lame ending, could have at least had some neat "mood"
music end theme or something. Anyway, if I messed up somewhere in here,
e-mail me at [email protected] and I will fix it.

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