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Чит-файл для Omega


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

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Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
I'm a level 0 master of Omega, but I haven't really been able to do much; I
finished the thieves' quest, which was to kill someone from the order of
paladins, the magic users quest, (the Eater- I'll get to that in a moment),
and I'm master of one other order which I don't remember what it is.  ANYway,
I'm writing this to tell whoever asked MY secret for getting the heart of
the eater of magic- (Sorcerors, that was it, I got the lawbringer's crown)
you charge in there with a speed of 5.00, totally ignore the priests, use
boots of levitation to float over that nasty water, charge in, bash the
eater with a good weapon (for GOD's sake don't use magic), grab his heart,
and git while the priests are still thinking.  The secret to most any of the
quests in this game is hit-and-run; if you belong to a fighting order and
to the collegium, you can beat on the magic opponents and vv.  I got the
Wyrm in the bottom of the sewer while I was like 10th level or something
(from an 18th level dungeon!) that way.
Anyway, I'm starting to repeat myself, so I'll shut up now.
Good luck and happy omegging!

A new hint for those who are need. Ever worn a bottle on a finger?
Or a waffer of lembas ? Try it !
Get the thing up in the air, put the cursor on your finger of
choice and exchange.
Repeated doing can bring your hitpoints from nearly zero back to
maximum. Also the effects of the potion (i.e. levitating) starts.
You may do as often as you like (at least I'm walking with my
first potion and had no bad effects yet).
With the object first up in the air I could also use a flail in the
armor slot.

I have been playing way too much Omega over the last few weeks and
now am: Level 1 Master of Omega, Ultimate Avatar of Chaos, Archmage,
Shadowlord, Prime Sorceror, High Priest of Destiny, Commandant,
Duke of Rampart, and Adept (if you don't know what that is, then
you've got a long way to go.)

The way I killed the Eater of Magic was to be invisible, stand just
around the bend in the hallway, map the EoM's cave with clairvoyance,
and disrupt him to death. (You can tell where he is because there
are "."'s where he and the priests are and he's in the middle.)
This method works rather well in general.

Raymond seems to be having several wierd problems. What version are you
using? I run under Unix, on a Sun with Omega 0.75. I had some wierd
similar problems with earlier versions.

Be careful when skipping levels, you might miss the "special" monster.
This happened in the Goblin Caves to me; I used an elevator and skipped
the 10th level (where the king is) and got to the 35th level before
I realized this must be going on. The "special" levels are:

        Rampart Sewers 18, ArchMage's Castle 16,
        Goblin Caves 10, and Volcano (whew!) 20.

You cannot warp to a special level. Try the level above and walk down.
(In rogue and moria, any level at or below the special level triggers
the big monster. In Omega, if you miss it, you have to go back...)

The Demon Emperor is on level 20 of the Volcano and he is NASTY.
Does anyone know how to not become afraid of demons and ghosts without
a potion of banishing fear? (That's what I used.) I killed him
by casting sanctuary and then disrupting him.

Has anyone found the Dragon Lord? He's also extremely nasty. Much fun.

Getting cursed items uncursed is wierd. Basically, you have to bless
them, some more than others. Items appear to have a bless/curse value.
The more cursed an item is, the more blesses it takes to fix it, and the
more blesses an item has, the more a monster has to curse it to make
it cursed. This is independent of plus, except that when an item
initally becomes cursed, its plus goes down one and/or stops working
or _reverses_ effect. You can either cast the bless spell, if
you have it, or if you are a priest (of Destiny, at least) and
you sacrifice enough to your God, he/she/they/it will give an item
a mondo bless/enchant (ask for Blessing).

This took me forever to figure out: the alchemist's "pay for
transformation" is not to transform you (I initially thought it
was for if you get canged into a toad or something), it is for
transmuting certain monster remains into magic items! (You figure
out which ones...)

How long did it take folks to figure out how to mount a horse?

Another hint: Orbs - collect the whole set and redeem a valuable
        prize! (Black Orbs don't count.)

if you don't mind to get a servant of chaos, toy may shorten your way by
pickpocketing the priests in the temple of the druids. Stop when you
get a mace. This way I got a defender (2. quest of the duke) and a
dragonscale armor (3.quest of the duke).
Drowning is prevented by a potion/spell of breathing or dto. levitating.
Also being mounted helps.
The way of receiving magic benefits i.e. from tabs, wafers, potions etc.
while wearing them on a finger (1. get them i.t. Air, then exchange
with the finger) has sideeffects due to variable-size. When strengthen
yourself with repeated exchange of stimtabs, you may receive easy more
then 130 in strength. After that your maximum load gets larger then
32k and will become negative. When going on, to get it positive again,
CON (the first val) went negative (more then 128?). So keep an eye to
your status lines.
The Hit and run technique described a few days earlier works fine for
the eater of magic, but failed yet with the lawbringer. Execept for one
try, the cave was flooded with mirroshades, and a Nazgul stoped me soon
after entering (even while my speed was 5). So bringing a staff of sleep
to the lawbringers cave might be a good thing.

Get youre items identified before you sell them to the thieves. The
<>70 AU will be soon back into your pockets.

did somebody yet manage to get into hy magick? The document from
the library sounds interesting but any time I tried ctrl-g brother
appears and warned me not to interfear with it. The spell of
ritual magic does not be related with it (by now i'm archmage and
had eraned some AU by ritual magic (the townpeople seem to like
the coulours accompanying it)). A once got the spell of wishing
but died before i could save.
Once upon a time in an abyss a young naked magician wandered
and had trouble with a void. I know it is the fifth elemental, but
what is the sense of the void?
Any experience within the abyss is greatly appreciated.
btw: don't get to chaotic. The Archdruid might be out of house so
there is no way back (maybe except wishing).

The archmages castle:

Knowing that something was down there, I went to the castle
of the archmage and searched it from top to bottom, thereby slaugtering
some one dragon and getting the sceptre. Back to Rampart I went to the
oracle and used her to get into the astral plane..., just like you
described it. Beyond that plane was another stairway down, which led to
some super temple of the sorcerors, where I had to sanctificate at once
to survive those Demon Princes (how do get a demblade blessed? The Lords
of destiny won't do). After that I had to get the Star Gem and I think I
also found the amulett of the astral plane (a shortcut to any village
and temple/dungeon(?)). Back at Star Peak I activated the Star Gem, but
because the Lawbringer was dead it only glowd and brought me back to
the outside of Star Peak.
After that I used the warp (with jumps of no more than six levels) to reach
the bottom of the volcano, disrupted the Demon Emperor to death (maybe
it was there that I got that amulett) and got level 0 master.

HM, thinking fast I do a counterspell. As I remember, I got to the
archmage from the castle, to the sorcerors from the astral plane, so
the above description was correct (btw. by continous activation of the
scepter you get more of it, and may sell the burnt out).
when getting a scroll of wish, wish for aquisition. I threfore got
K... the key that was lost. Activating brought me all available
spells, including wishing. But I'm not strong enough for the latter
though it is wiped out after use.

- how do I activate the orb corrct? Whan activating I am asked for the
  additional ding to do, but failed. Tossing to earth etc. seems to be
  a very fatal error, while mixing leads to an unstabelized orb. Is this
  because I'm a servant of chaos? (Thistleman disappeared even without
  me slaugthering him), Spells of law are to rare to get and wishing
  is to heavy.
- How do I get to neutral or even law?
- When entering the adepts challange, I have no problems with the
  electrical storm, the fire and earth. But the pool of acid always
  dissolved me, except for a few cases, when I first drained energy
  from it. The death wsa no problem then, he was burn't with hell fire
  But entering the void, led me always to death, something was not
- after solving all quests, are there other things to do before getting
  to the adepts challange?

I have encountered 2 of the artifacts in Omega, namely,

- Amulet of Yendor
- Potion of Life

I know what the Potion of Life does, but what about the Amulet?
I tried invoking it but nothing happens.

Also, I have experimented with monstere part transformation.
Seems that if the alchemist is willing to buy the part from you,
you can also get it transformed into some magic item.

Some examples are:

- Manticore's Spikes - Blessed Staff of Missiles
- Tesla Monstrs' Whip- Blessed Wand of Ball Lightning
- Body of Salamander - Blessed Ring of Fire Resistance +3
- Spectre's body     - Cloak of Negimmunity
- Head of Jabberwock - Blessed Vorpal Blade +5
- Transparent Nasty  - Potion of Invisibility
- Fnord              - Scroll of Summoning
- Wyvern             - Blessed Ring of Poison Resistance +5
- Frost Demon Lord   - Demonblade
- Frost Demon        - rod of summoning
- Lesser Frost Demon - Snowball Wand -20-
- Blipper            - scroll of teleportation
- Phantasticon       - scroll of true sight
- Manticore          - staff of missiles
- fire elemental     - wand of fireballs
- dragon             - dragonscale armor

Other monsters which cannot be transformed may be sold off
at either the pawn shop or thieves' guild, some of the parts
fetch a rather handsome price.

Also, on the topic of wishing, I have managed to learn how to cast
the spell, it requires 100 mana points to cast, I have 108 mana points
but each time I cast it, it prompts me for a request.  I have tried
Aquisition (as suggested by another Omega player) but ended up getting
killed.  What are the things that I can wish for? Does WISH use anything
besides mana points?

Also, are there any uses for the Golden Bejewelled Falcon which I can
only sell for 0 AUs?

    The secret entrance to the castle is in the water, you just have to use the
search command.  Low intelligence can be usefull.  If your intelligence is low
enough you can get a scholarship from the library.  If you do advanced
research? (I haven't played in awhile) it will raise your intelligence, stay in
untill you reach eighteen. (The program will not display this, you must keep
track yourself.) Join the college for free.
     Join the thieves guild.  They pay much more than the pawn shop for  goods
and they charge very little to identify your goods.
     Invisibility is very helpful in the arena.

if my messages are to boring for you (or the rest of this comunity) justn
discard them from your reader. For all of the others a few hints from
a beginner which got to the discoverer status for other beginners or
seakers of whatever.
- If you are the very start with an own character, be not to honest with
  the computer. A bit more of strength and intelligence raises some of
  your chances.
  After entering rampart (with your 250 AU and nothing more than your
  will to get it all) go to the mercenarys (use capitel M) and try to
  join the legion. If you pass the physical, you get a sword, a leather
  armor and 500AU. You might also try to join the gladiators (at the
  arena, but will get only a wooden sword, no money; there you have to
  fight in the arena to get money - or die). Then ask whether the
  collegium magii offers you a scholarschip. If yes you got one spell.
  Otherwise search the giuld of thieves (open all doors ans enter those
  houses. Do not look around. If you found them you immediately know).
  Pay there entrance few. After this go to the bank, deposit some money,
  look around and buy say 10 or so from the fast food (50AU).

- Now leave rampart and enter either the goblins dungeon (se you have to
  a bit) or look for the archdruids temple. In the dungeon you'll find l
  thinks. Pack as lot as may carry and sell them to the thieves.
  In the temple look for three militant priests. Pickpocket them until y
  a mace (each priest, thanks sheldon). Also try to sell those to the th
  when you're back in rampart.
- IMPORTANT: The thieves don't offer for cursed goods. Items, the thieve
  no offer for are probably cursed. Don't put them on but drop them some
- This should give you some money and a bank error to your favour should
  even raised this. Now pay the fee's for the collegium and, if you can
  guild of sorcerors.
- With your newly earned level enter the mace and look for the oracle. T
  enter the castle to get a quest. In the castle is also a vault which I
  no entry yet.
- Horses (in the village) won't follow you in dungeons, but will follow

- You may variy some of the above for your need, but it should be enough
  get to into the first levels of experience. Try checking the mercenary
  and the giulds from time to time to raise your rank. Raising thieves a
  sorcerors rank drives you to chaos!
- Don't touch all altars(countr).Some leave you without pack. In rampart
  else) worship at the lords of destiny. I tried them once after Odin an
  struck by odins light bolt. The lords are more tolerant. Try blessing
  sacrifice (good:armor, cloaks,rings, not so good:weapons). The lords l

- A few questions: who knows the secret entrance into the castle? Sheldo
  There is strip of water between a hedge and the castle wall. All walls
  imp.. (forgot the expression) execpt for one, which is only aged stone
  I also dived after quaffing the potion of breathing but couldn't find
  thing (checked with examine). Better ideas?
  I got into the dungeon till level 8 (than i ran out of mana due to Gob
  shamanes). Is there really a goblin king down there? or is it's head a
  in the castle vault?

- Another question: I'm encountert in the PBM's (play by mail) Spiral Ar
  Spiral Arm 202, Kingdom, and CelestrekII/A (all European games). Anybo
  out there who also plays one of those and willing to contact me?
- Klaus Ziegler, I lost your account number. Please contact me again .
- Monster/Moria where might i find ibm-pc versions for those (EARN/BITNE

The gray tablets which are found from time to time have very different
effects. One raised my mana from 0 to the double of the normal value,
another oversatiated me, so i had immediately to deliver my last meals.
I haven't check extensively, but it might be, that some of theme might
kill you, too.
The items called '?' when taking are also very differnt. As mentioned
before, one doubled my HP, but yesterday another killed me. I suppose
you check those with a scroll of identification or the same spell after
you put them into a free slot (did you ever ate from your left shoulder?
The mana eater is some tuff guy. I have to correct my yesterday message
a bit.The danger begins after the second rebend of the river. Check your
weapon from time to time, ot but it in your bag befor you enter the rive
because mine somehow vanished in one of the pools. Use a staff of sleep
or the appropriate magic spell to put the four militant priests aside.
Use a potion of monster detection or the spell to see where the Eater
is (E,enligthed). Iused firebolts (magic and normal), magic missiles,
and disrupt to blast him away, but no one worked. Also i had only time
for two or three spells until my mana was eaten. Normal figthing was to
short to get it, but i think it's the only way you can get him (btw:
my armor was 13, def 20, damage >50). Maybe the spell of sanctification
could also work?
East of the island, midst in the swamp there is a volcane (sign: !),
which contains a dungeon. I entered and found lots of interesting things
but lots of mana eating demons,too. most could be blasted with the
disrupt spell.
Unfortunately a militant priest got me while a frost demon had destroyed
my mana and put me asleep. I couldn't therefore explore the rest of the

Greetings from the Shadowlord of the g.of thieves, slippery jim (ranger)

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