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Читы для Spec Ops 2: US Army Green Berets

Чит-файл для Spec Ops 2: US Army Green Berets

Spec Ops 2:
US Army Green Berets

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Zombie Studios
Издатель:Ripcord Games
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 9 ноября 1999 года
Жанры:Action (Tactical / Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Hidden & Dangerous
Multiplayer:(4) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

Mission A:

Ice Shelf
Locate and secure the SVN 47 SAT CODEC.

Argentine SF units are searching the area for the SVN 47 CODEC.

Locate the SVN 47. Attack Argentine SF perimeter and seize the SVN 47 CODEC.


You command a four-man team. The terrain is flat and there's not much cover,
except for the rolling, snow-covered ground. The most important beret to assign
to this mission is the sniper. In fact bring two. The remaining choices are your
call, but there is no need for demolition in this mission. Bring Medkits and
extra clips.


Begin this level by commanding your team to get into the prone position and to
defend while facing west.

Command a sniper to take out the SF unit who can be seen through the blizzard in
the distant West. Once this unit eats snow, a few other unseen units will be on
alert. Look South and Southwest for curious, wandering SF soldiers on the
for the cause of the gunfire they just heard. Carefully, take aim, and eliminate
these units before pressing on westward –following the GPS's targeted

In NCO mode, the lack of enemies in this level will make the task of finding the
satellite fairly simple. As long as you take care of the initial threat in the
beginning, you will only run into a few SF soldiers while traversing the snowy

Make sure to keep your eye on the tops of the mountains as well as around each
corner. Climbing and walking along the mountaintops is not a bad idea as long as
you stay low and prepare to prone as soon as you hear or see the enemy.

Follow the direction that the GPS indicates until you find the downed CODEC
satellite; located in the top left portion of the map.

Walk around to the side of the satellite that triggers the text message, ``CODEC
REMOVED BY ENEMY." Oh well, good try, but you completed the mission anyhow.

Mission B:

COM Center
Infiltrate COM Center. Locate and secure CODEC.

Enemy forces have located and seized CODEC.

Infiltrate COM center. Avoid detection. Locate and secure CODEC.

I found it best to bring two snipers into this battle. If you have already found
another favorite fighting type, then make sure to bring at least one sniper to
perch on the mountaintop overlooking the COM Center to protect your second guy.


From your starting position, lead one sniper to the north to the edge of the
cliff overlooking the COM Center.

You won't be able to climb down the hill here, but you can take out the sniper
the rooftop below and anyone who is alerted by the noise. You may have to stand
erect and position yourself near the left cliff-side and the corner of the snow-
mound at the edge of this cliff to make the shot. It is also wise to use the
infrared scope to pinpoint the sniper on the roof more quickly.

The sniper will see you and begin to fire on you, but you should have plenty of
time to take aim and nail him. Keep this man in this position to cover your
second man as he approaches the COM Center.

Meanwhile, have your second sniper move towards the Southwest, following the
direction indicated by the GPS. Be careful trudging over the first few
snowdrifts, there are a few enemy soldiers standing guard close by. One is in
prone position and hard to see until you are right up over him.

Continue to use the guidance of the GPS, taking out enemy soldiers as you
encounter them along your journey adjacent to the frozen river. When you reach
the open area where the river is directly in your path.

Look across the river and up on the mountaintop to the distant Northeast. There
you will spot an enemy lookout. Use the scope on your sniper rifle to assist you
in his demise.

At the rivers edge, turn north and continue to follow the guidance of the GPS
along the path that runs between the river to your right and the mountainside to
your left. Soon you will approach the COM Center and if you switch into the body
of the sniper you have overlooking this area, you will see your man on the
that has just approached the Center.

Use the man on the ground to approach the Center, if you hear voices or gunfire,
hit the dirt and switch to your man with the birds-eye-view. Use this man to
out the enemy as they scout for your intruding lower man –who should be in the
prone position.

Take your man on the ground around to the north section of the Center and
eliminate the enemy soldiers found there. Keep an out for guards on the radar
towers. Do not kill the civilian. He may scream a lot and try to warn others,
he's still a civilian and it wouldn't be ethical to kill him.

Note: There are underground tunnels that connect all the dome buildings to one
another. Knowing this may alter your own strategy for infiltrating the COM

Using the GPS, locate the building were the CODEC is being stored.

Enter the dome building that connects to this building and enter the connecting
corridor. In the last room of this structure you will find the CODEC.

Mission C:

Helo Base
Raid base. Destroy both helicopters.

Enemy is preparing to evacuate CODEC.

Raid HELO base. Destroy both helicopters. Move to RP Zulu.

You command a two-man team and Satchel Charges are required. Have each man carry
two Satchel Charges just in case one man unfortunately does not make it to the
helicopters. Choose vektor rifles with sniper Green Berets behind the triggers.

However, there are two Satchel Charges located near the helicopter that we said
to go to last. So, if you feel like stocking up on extra clips and stuff you
Just take one Satchel Charge and fill the space with other goodies. As long as
you find the stash inside the base.


In the recessed area in the snow, where you begin this mission, is a great place
to take on the first group of hostiles.

You'll find your first target to the south (random) or west; far beyond your
little snowy-foxhole. Once you fire on the first enemy, three to four more will
come running toward you, unless you are using silenced weaponry like the Vektor.
Set your buddy to defend and kneel with you behind the wall of snow. As the
appears on top of the mound, let `em have it!

You can even take out the hostile that stays put around the snow-vehicle to the
southwest from this location. Actually, this is recommended. Because, if you
don't take him out before you proceed into his range of site, he will nail you.

The Base and RP are both to the south. Just before reaching the base, have one
man stay on the northeast side and have another work his way around to the back
southwest side. It's actually a good idea to have one start to the base from the
ledges on the west mountains to clear the enemies there that could possibly
impede your progress at the base.

Your man on the west mountain will have to backtrack a bit to reach the base
because of the ravine, but the vantage point from atop the cliff is priceless.
can take out two guards on the way up, the guard in the tower beyond the base's
fence and a few stragglers hanging around the perimeter of the base.

Once you have your men on both sides of the base, you should be able to
all the soldiers inside before you enter. On the backside of the base, you can
find a snowdrift that has piled so high on the fence that you can actually walk
over the base's primary defense and into the compound. Inside the base, you'll
find two hangers containing a helicopter and one enemy soldier guarding each of
the targets.

Enter the doors to the hangar that face north and work your way to the
through the halls while crawling.

If you see shadows on the wall to the left, just before the hangar's main
room, then inch up and roll against the left wall to shoot the hostile who is
just inside to the right around the main room's corner. Be careful, sometimes
this guy is accompanied by a dude on the catwalk; located above and behind the

Place a Satchel Charge next to the helicopter and run outside to the courtyard
watch the smoke rise out of the building.

Next, head through the doors, which face the northwest, and then enter the
underground passages, which lead away from this building.

Just pass the hallway leading up to the next hanger, you can find to Satchel
Charges lying on the floor. Enter the next hanger with caution, place the
Charge, and high tail it out of there!

Lastly, leave the base the way you entered and head north behind the base. In
this small valley you will usually encounter a few hostiles. After dealing with
these with extreme prejudice, approach the RP site to complete the mission.

Mission D:

Mission D
Research Base
Infiltrate research base. Locate and seize CODEC.

Enemy forces are attempting to download CODEC codes.

Infiltrate base locate and secure CODEC. Demolish computers. EXFIL to RP Gulf.

Like the last mission, a couple of snipers with the infrared scopes are the way
to go in this mission. No need for Satchels or anything, just load up on Medkits
and extra clips.


This mission will be a cakewalk compared to the last one. You start off by
heading northeast towards a small snow-vehicle camp. Just before the camp,
spot two enemy soldiers around the side of the mountain to the right and one
hunkering down near the base of the hill that the vehicle is on. Take them out
and continue down this path.

On this path you will see a red clothed civilian, he may even lead the way for a
spell. The next hostile will be located beyond the ice bridges that the river
carved. The next guy is a sniper who's on your side of the mountain path he'll
in the prone position and tough to spot. As soon as you hear gunfire, hit the
dirt! If he can see you, you can see him. Switch to infrared while in the prone
position and scope him out. Take the shot!

Beyond the second ice bridge you will find a hostile around a sharp turn as you
head southwest following the GPS's directions. As long as your buddy is kneeling
and close by, your dual-tag-team method should render him inoperable.

Further up the path and across the frozen river is another snow-vehicle camp. As
soon as you can see it with the naked eye, switch to your scope and pick off the
guard standing near the edge of the cliff in front of the vehicle.

As the path turns in a southerly direction, a hostile toting a grenade launcher
will spring into action as you turn around a tight curve to the left. Take him
out and pilfer the grenade launcher. Use the launcher on the fellow across the
river and further up –to the southwest.

As for the amount of hostiles after the last one you just disintegrated, the
one to speak of is the one perched high in the southern mountaintops. Just
the research base, look to the top of the mountains to the right and pick off
enemy standing guard there.

Run to the back of the research base to the ramp that leads to the second floor.

Enter the room at the top of the ramp to find and secure the CODEC. Mission

Mission E:

STABO Extraction
Retrieve and activate STABO system for EXFIL CODEC.

TF160 AC130 enroute for EXFIL.

Locate and secure STABO. Move to STABO EXFIL RP Chicago by GPS.

You are in control of four men in this mission. This is s timed mission and
isn't a whole lot of time for sniping every enemy, but snipers will help save
lives. So, bring and Infantryman, 2 Snipers, and a Machine-gunner. As for the
load; bring extra clips, grenades, and long-range, accurate, automatic weapons.


This is a timed mission. You only have six minutes to accomplish your
so be quick about it. The STABO system is located to the south of your current
position. Command all soldiers to kneel and to ``Move Up." Have everyone head
south. Your first few hostiles will shortly appear in the lower level area
Your Infantryman will run ahead and attack. Cover him. Make sure to take out the
guy on the ledge to the left and the ones to follow the sound of gunfire from
further south.

Once this area is clear, proceed further south to the next snowdrift. Prone
everyone down to the ground, peer over the mound into the basin ahead.

You will see one civilian running around acting crazy… keep him alive! You
also see three enemy soldiers standing beside each other guarding the STABO.
the first shot is fired, the three will come running. Have your snipers take out
the enemy snipers on the ridges to the south behind the STABO and to the west.
Once all is cleared, have one man run to the STABO -that's somewhat buried in
snow- in the middle-back portion of this snowy basin.

When you see the text message indicating that you have secured the STABO, head
back to your starting position to the north.

Walk up to the edge of the following north cliff/path and take out the enemies
the winding path below. To the west is where the down sloping path begins.
this path around and up to the west, killing enemies as they get in your way.

There are a few hostiles here and there, but no surprises that you shouldn't
expect by now.

Once you climb the path bending to the west you'll reach the RP location and the
STABO will launch. Mission complete.

Mission F
RV with SSN Georgia at RP Delta for EXFIL.

SSN Georgia is at RP Delta.

Enemy forces in pursuit of remaining 2-man team. Fight through enemy ambushes to

You now command a team of two men –you and one other. The key to this mission
is speed. This is a timed mission and you don't have very much of that. Choose a
Grenadier equipped with a grenade launcher and an Infantryman with a high
automatic machinegun.


You have four minutes to find the SSN Georgia. The key is to keep moving and try
to take out only the enemies that stand before you and the sub, taking the
shortest path possible. Have both soldiers kneel and run towards the northeast.
Command the Grenadier to fire a couple of grenades at the first two hostiles
beyond the rock-island separating the path ahead. This will save a lot of time
from having to take careful aim and cover.

Around the next bend of the path, strafe sideways facing southeast and launch a
grenade at the first two enemy soldiers that stand at attention waiting to
your team.

The next enemy is just beyond these two, hiding in a dip in the path in the
position. A Sniper! Well, a grenade will do the same to him as it does to the
others; mutilate him.

When you reach the forked area, choose the path to the right (south). Very often
you may find a sniper on top of the left embankment down this path, but taking
this path sure beats the resistance you will find trudging down the left path.
See if you can get the sniper airborne with a grenade as we did in this picture!

Following this path you will notice a number of choice locations one could hide
for an ambush, but it never happens. When you reach the river, be on the lookout
for a couple of nearby enemies. Look over the embankment to find the sub in the

Walk over the mound and head for the sub –forget the path. If you arch you
to the sub to lean heavily towards the right, you can avoid all conflict from
here on out.

Walk around the ship until you trigger the mission completion text. This usually
happens when you are near its midsection on the side closest to the beach.


Mission A
INFIL beachhead. Locate and secure tunnel RP.

NKA Forces are patrolling the AO. The forest is mined.

Avoid detection. INFIL forest, locate tunnel entrance.

You have the choice of two berets in this mission. You can choose to take a
grenadier equipped with the grenade launcher and many extra clips to clear the
jungle, or you can take snipers with infrared scopes to slip through the jungle
and sharp-shoot anything that moves. However, if you take an Infantryman or
Machine-gunner, they will have to have a sniper rifle or something like it for
the infrared option. Without the infrared in this level, your goose will be
cooked! The best rifle to bring is the L96A1 7.62mm Sniper Rifle. Because of the
grouping of enemies and the way others quickly run to the noise, this weapons
accuracy will save you vital time and ammo with each kill.


There are many ways to get through this jungle and to the tunnel on the opposite
end. You are plagued by the darkness, and swarms of enemies are hiding in the
rolling terrain in this level. The key is nightvision goggles, careful snipe-
shooting, infrared scopes, and hitting the dirt when the littlest sound is

You begin this mission on the beach looking north in the darkness of a rainy
night. First, turn on the nightvision goggles and have both of your men kneel.
Head north up the beach and just before the slope to the west, turn on the
infrared scope and pick off the two enemy soldiers ahead. One hostile may come
running from the road to the northwest, so be prepared.

Now where you go from here is totally up to you. You will meet resistance in
every direction. I found it best to head up towards the houses to the southwest
before I even hit the first road. There is an enemy on the edge of the cliff
the house that can be taken out from a great distance before approaching the

Note: If you try to take the beach stairs to the houses you will have to clear
the landmines with a grenade and as you walk up the stairs, the aforementioned
soldier will nail you as you climb the last level.

There are many winding roads in this level and each one is on a layer of land
higher than the previous one. There are land obstacles that prevent you from
heading directly west to the tunnel at the opposite side of the map. To get
around these barriers you can crawl through the many drainage pipes, but always
be careful of this maneuver as there is usually a few enemies waiting on the
other side waiting for someone like you to come slithering out!

If you clear the housing area and then head up the road facing the adjoining
roads -to prevent ambushes then, you will be able to make it over all the land
layer transitions rather quickly.

This road is a straight shot all the way up. This westerly uphill road will wind
around to the top of the map and put the tunnel you are looking for to your
immediate left –located midway across the map headed north again. Simply walk
through and the mission ends.

Tip: You can usually expect one enemy in each of the houses.

Tip: As you approach each peak near a new road, prone and turn on the infrared
scope out new enemies.

Tip: Stick somewhat close to each other for support, but stay far enough away so
that each beret has a different view on the rolling landscape. This way, enemies
can be spotted before it's too late.

Tip: Try to avoid going through the drainage pipe directly in front of the RP
Tunnel, unless someone has already cleared the other side. If your in this
and you feel pretty confident that the four guards that you killed near the
tunnel were all there was, and you try leaving, you'll be in for a big surprise.
Pow! Right in the back. Someone always shoots you from behind when exiting that

Mission B
Raid Compound
Infiltrate and raid compound. Locate and secure defector.

Compound is heavily defended by NKA forces.

Infiltrate from tunnel RP. Avoid enemy contact. NFIL compound. Locate and secure

Take the same crew that worked for you in the last mission. The environment and
enemies are very similar –its an extension of the last map.


Stealth is the key in the first leg of the mission. If the first thing you do is
exit the tunnel and fire on the first guy you see in the distant southwest, then
you'll attract an enemy grenadier to the west, who will surly fry you both in an
instant if not stopped. It's best to avoid this scenario all together.

Keep that guy in the southwest alive for now, while you follow the low ground
between the mountainside and the first road in a southerly direction. Take it
slow and in a crouched position. Be ready to shoot a few enemies on this low
path. They like to hide on the mountainside in the sharp turn cutaways.

When ever you fire a shot, look up to the road and listen to see if you have
attracted any curious hostiles. Remain in this gully, hanging as close to the
mountainside as you can, trudging forward in a westerly direction, following the
GPS as closely as possible without sacrificing your safety.

The general strategy is to run along this path and keep moving, only stopping to
shoot the enemies in your path and on the road to your right. Occasionally
looking behind you to see if anyone is gaining on you.

There is a point at which you do need to leave this path. And that is, at the
point where the enemy has laid some landmines. You will see at the end of the
path there is a few of greenish-white dots along the embankment (viewed if you
are using your nightvision goggles -and I can't imagine you getting along
them). Even if you did get between the mines, there is no way you can continue
this path, it's too steep. This is where you need to jump onto the road to your
right (the one you've been running beside the whole time.)

When you come to the same line of mines extending from the mountainside into the
following road. Look at the GPS and find the direction that you need to head. Go
northwest to the first building you come to. Now head west to the back of the
long building. Turn right and enter the commons area.

Immediately command both soldiers to get into the prone position and start
scanning the area with infrared scopes to pick out any hostiles. There are quite
a few of them to speak of. Look in the doorways, on the small bridge, patrolling
the walkways, and be sure to look to see if someone has come up behind you. Use
the GPS to pinpoint the building in the center and crawl around to the front
door. When the coast is clear, run to the civilian just inside the door. But
watch your back, it's a trap. Mission complete.

Mission C
Exfiltrate to RP
Mission compromised. EXFIL to contingency RPs.

Compound was a trap. Mission compromised. NKA forces counter attacking.

EXFIL Compound. Break contact with pursuing enemy. Move to contingency RP. Radio

In this mission, unlike any other, it won't matter who or what you bring because
you are just going to run. However, it wouldn't hurt if the buddy following you
was a close combatant.

You begin this level in the same building that you entered at the end of the
mission. It was a trap, all right! The area outside of this bungalow is crawling
with enemy soldiers. Believe it or not, all you have to do is run like crazy in
this mission. Don't stop, and they won't get near you.

Here is how to begin. Make sure the area just outside the door is clear. There
an enemy soldier on the rooftop across the street and sometimes he fires on you
when you run out and sometimes you're to quick. But, just to be safe, take him
out from inside the room you start in. Set both berets to kneel and put on
nightvision goggles. Command your buddy to ``Follow Me," that way he will follow
in your footsteps every step of the way.

Run out of the room and duck into the building to the southeast through the
nearest door.

Follow the halls west –your heading toward the entrance you came through in
last mission.

Exit the last door in this building heading northeast, and whip around the
to the left.

Take the immediate right on the outside of the complex and run alongside of the
wall to your right heading north. From here you do nothing more than follow the
GPS exactly.

As long as you stick to the low ground, ditches, ravines, and stay off the
you'll be just fine.

When you reach the area to the northeast near the road, you'll learn that the
helicopter has been shot down.

Turn around and do the same as before; follow the GPS, keep the directions red.
Pass the complex on the hill on your right. Now you will be heading through the
woods in a south/southeast direction. Again, stick to the low ground and keep
GPS in the red.

When you see a road ahead that intersects your path, get on it and turn right.
Get on the main road that you followed closly in the last level, still keeping
the GPS red.

Soon you will reach the point where the Alternative EP will be reached. Good
mission over.

Mission D
E E to the Beach
Escape and Evade pursuing enemy. EXFIL to Zodiac boat.

EXFIL Helo shot down. SOCOM orders team to Zodiac boat to EXFIL.

Escape and Evade pursuing enemy forces. Locate Zodiac boat and EXFIL by sea.

Infantry grenadier, Sniper with the good sniper rifle.


This is one of the hardest levels in the game. The mission is rough! The enemies
are very hard to see as they are well camouflaged in this thick, rolling,
vegetated, hostile jungle. For this reason is why I suggest bringing the grenade
launcher. This will clear the whole jungle area in the beginning if needed. If
you only pack a Medkit and the weapon, you will be able to fit enough extra
to give you around 20 grenade rounds, which is plenty.

Heading south, stick to the right canyon wall for the most part, using the
grenadier to clear trees and the sniper to take out the exposed enemies. There
are many rolling hills and sneaky enemies in this forest before the villas. Be
very cautious.

As you approach the first set of villas know that the enemies on second floors
and rooftops can shoot you while you are still in the forest. Snipe shoot them
before they snipe shoot you.

Work your way around the following villa along the left canyon wall heading east
and then southeast as the canyon wall bends to the left. There are a couple of
hostiles in the gully as you approach the villa, so prepare for a gunfight.

The second villa is crawling with enemies, enemies on balconies and enemies all
around the property. If your grenadier runs out of ammo, have him pick up a
weapon from a sniper-victim.

Try to keep the canyon to your back as you strafe around, keeping the villa in
view to the south, southwest. Take everyone out in this area. You made it this
far and you don't want to risk running to the beach and getting shot in the

Working your way towards the boat you will find enemies all along the cost line,
so there is no one way to go that is enemy-free. Stay low and creep up on these
beachcombers and give them their comeuppance.

When all is clear, run to the boat to finish the mission.


Mission A:
Pakistani forces are assembling nuclear capable missions.

Locate base. Locate entrance to underground facilities.

It's you and three other buddies against an army of Pakistani soldiers. The
operation is set in the wide-open desert full of trap mines. For this reason,
should opt for Snipers equipped with frag grenades.


At the end of the road to the north is the enemy base and the most challenging
part of this mission is getting your troop to that gated stronghold. You will
come across plenty of hostiles flanking the road.

First thing first, have your entire company kneel and follow you to the right
side of the road and then hold your position as you see the first enemy in the
distance. Scope him and shoot this hostile, then command everyone to get on
bellies. The first shot will draw other enemies from the right and left sides of
the road. Command your company to "Defend" the area facing the road. The
will approach from that direction.

Being in the recesses of the ditch while lying down will make it very tricky for
the enemy to spot you. Take out the hostiles one at a time as they enter your

Stand everyone up into a kneeling position and continue to the north toward the
entrance of the base while remaining off road. Staying off the road makes you an
easy target, but be watchful of landmines along this trench closer to the base.

There are two ways to enter the base, through the front gate or around back
you will find a small whole in the lower fence area. In both cases, the guards
the towers should be dealt with before entering the base. And entering the front
gate requires much more mass fighting, but it's a closer entry point to your
destination -the bunker inside to the left. Entering through the whole in the
fence first requires clearing of the land mines. Use a frag grenade and then
crawl under. There are also landmines further down this fenced pathway so be

Make sure everyone remains in the prone position just outside of the gate. Look
all around inside the base through the fence to make sure every enemy is down
before advancing to the inside of the base.

Head south through the gate and stick close to the perimeter near the fence.
you approach the correct bunker, toss a grenade inside to terminate the enemy
inside. When all is quiet, enter the bunker, walk down the slope into the
underground passage. Be careful as you pass the rooms to the left and right,
there are enemy soldiers in there sometimes -another well placed frag grenade
will fix them. As you approach the door in the rear of the passageway the
will end successfully.

When all is clear enter the base and head left (south) along the fencing.  Hold
your position outside of the bunker. Toss a grenade or two into the bunker to
clear out the enemies. Enter the bunker and follow the passage that leads
underground. As you approach the closed door at the end of the tunnel, you
objective will be met

Mission B:
Pakistani scientists are assembling warheads and preparing missiles for launch.

Locate warhead assembly room. Determine if nuclear and launch ready.

Now that you have breached the enemy defenses and made it to the underground
passage, the remaining objective is left to you and one other beret. You must
find the warhead through these underground passages. This will mean that close
quarter combat will be expected. Have these Close-Quarter combatants bring heavy
assault rifles, extra clips, and as many grenades as they can hold.


Enemy guards occupy the first underground intersection that you approach. Creep
up to the intersection so that you can just see the boots or legs of enemies
around the corner in the next hallways. Through grenades into these areas and
wait for the excitement to die down incase any close by hostiles overheard the
commotion.  Set your partner to defend this area while you head west clearing
tunnel in a similar fashion.

At the end of the west passage there is a double-leveled room to the left that
has a hostile on each level. Inch around the corner and use the grenades or
shooting to take out theses two.  Enter the door and the hallway beyond it that
leads north.

The following area opens to a room with a civilian scientist and a few baddies.
Spare the civilian and knock off the hostiles. There are a couple ways out of
this room, but we are going to head through the hallway to the north. Proceed
through the twisting hallway until you get to a sizeable room with hefty
within. Continue up the incline and through the East corridor. Occasionally,
confrontation in this reactor room from the opposite upper walkway is likely,
this threat is easily subdued. This hostile rarely sees you coming from this

Continue east into a circular intersection. The left door that leads to a room
with a good visual of the sought after warhead. That is not necessary now, head
east across the circular intersection and into the following passageway.

In the generator area, exterminate the lookout and continue downward and to the
north. The warhead is in a room with a guard on the upper tier at the end of the
rounded hallway. Dispatch the guard while prone, by rolling and getting him into
view then shooting when quickly targeting the subject.

Hike up the stairs and examine the warhead, ``Armed Check Launch Status," will
displayed on screen. Go back the way you came through the generator area and
into the round intersection. In the intersection, go south up corridor to the
left and enter the east door. Walk around to the scud missile launcher near the
back of the truck and you'll discover that the Scuds are "launch capable."
Mission successful.

Mission C:
Download SCUD Data
SOCOM orders A Team to determine missile targets.

Locate and download SCUD telemetry instructions. Test launch terminal computer.
Download target data from each computer.

In this mission you command four men. The region you will be set in is a desert
canyon setting. Use Snipers and sniper weapons and having one infantryman along
for the ride is not a bad idea. Pack extra clips and have medkits and grenades
the sack as well.


In the beginning of this level, it is best to stay close to the canyon walls to
keep from being in the wide open where you can be spotted. Check the overhead
to find the scud-camp. Before you find this area on foot, you'll encounter many
enemies on top of cliffs and on the paths on foot. Use the prone positions and
sniper scopes to take out the distant enemies before they have a chance to see
you. Also, look behind yourself often to see if someone is following your

Head west from the starting position and stay close to the right canyon wall
until you reach the last, left, south route that dumps you in the southwest
section of the map. This is where you will find the computers. At the enemy camp
there are a few hostiles that come into vision simultaneously. Stay close to the
walls of the canyon and inch forward on your belly until you can get a clear
at one of these two men with your sniper rifle. Then move to a position where
second hostile is in a vulnerable position. Take him out! Be careful, there are
civilians in the area. Make sure it is a hostile before you shoot.

You will find three scud missiles in this small valley. Walk up the side of the
missile-toting vehicle and find the side with the computer. Walk up to the
computer to begin the downloading process. Once all three computers have been
hacked, the mission ends successfully.

Mission D:
Neutralize Air Defenses
USAF F117s enroute.

Locate and raid air defense missile systems. Demolish by satchel charge.

You are given a team of four men to work with in this mission. Equip each man
with a Satchel Charge. There are extra Satchels available in the level, but you
don't want to risk not having enough once you make it that far. Select an equal
group of long and short-range combatants.


The terrain in this mission is so similar to the last that after beating the
previous mission this one will be a cakewalk. You got your training for this
mission from the last mission! The enemies are likely to be in the distance and
then run towards you through the dunes and then be up close before you can get a
shot at them. This is kind of an extended portion of the last mission. Use the
same tactics as before.

Follow the left canyon wall all the way around, taking out the hostiles and
destroying the defense missile systems as you come to them.

The major difference in this level and the last is that there are mines
strategically placed where you are likely to trudge through. So be careful when
entering new areas through narrow routes, this is where the enemy is likely to
place mines. This defensive ploy is an early indicator that you're nearing an
enemy missile site. Toss a frag grenade into the minefield and do not pass
through the area until you see the mines actually explode! This explosion will
look larger than a normal frag grenade detonating.

When you've located a missile system, send your buddy who is equipped with a
Satchel Charge to "DEM" the missiles. Be aware that there are civilians near
this bombing begins. Continue following the left Canyon wall around until you
come across two more similar missile systems. Once all three systems are down
your mission is complete.

Mission E:
Demolish SCUD
USAF bombing mission aborted. SOCOM has ordered A team to demolish SCUDs.

Locate and demolish SCUD missile launchers. Move to EXFIL RP. Secure LZ for helo

Your choice of men should be similar to that of the last mission. The terrain
remains the same and the objective is similar. You need to set off five Satchel
charges, but when packing, be aware that there are three Satchels in a tent
located at the northwest enemy camp.


In this mission, you will have to demolish five SCUD missile launchers with the
Satchel Charges that you've packed. This is a nightvision level and a sniper
rifle with the infrared scope is essential. From the beginning, sharp shoot the
first guy you see. This will signal three more enemies that come running to
investigate the source of the gunshot. Prone and don't get up until these nosey
hostiles have been eliminated. The entire level is played out like this first
encounter. Shoot then wait for investigating enemies, clear these hostiles off
the map, and then destroy the SCUD missile.

The easiest way to find all of the SCUD targets is to follow the canyon wall
around the entire boundary. Keep a good distance from ground zero of the set
Satchel charges placed on the SCUDs. After you have completed that objective,
find the helicopter on the south crest to escape. Once you approach the
helicopter the mission will end.

Mission F:
Ambush Vehicles
Undetected SCUD launcher and command vehicle moving into launch position.

Ambush armored vehicle. Locate and demolish SCUD.

Make sure to pack the essentials for this mission; you will need Claymores and
Satchel charges. Give everyone has at least one of each. Bring along one Sniper
and a mix of various other berets.

This is a nightvision level and there is a bit of a timing element to this
but no countdown clock. If you don't get to the truck moving down the road in
time, the mission will end unsuccessfully.

Head south until you come across an enemy crawling around on his belly around
first bend in the canyon. Carefully aim with the sniper scope and waste him.
Beyond the bend you will have to shoot another guy who's crouching in waiting.
Command your partners to Hold Up before they walk into landmines at the tunnel
opening. You will see some hostiles above the tunnel as well as landmines below.

Take out the enemy above and then use frag grenades on the minefield at the
tunnel entrance. Look back on top of the overpass as you exit the other side
because the enemy will have repositioned some backup. Inch backwards out of the
tunnel and take the shot before they see you.

Head west to the road and tunnels further up to the left. This is where the
drives along this portion of road and this is where you place the Claymore. If
you miss the truck here you can pretty much hang it up! If you can get to this
point before the vehicle drives through, set a Claymore mine on the road and
retreat to a safe distance and activate the Claymore Clacker as the vehicle
drives over the trap.

The vehicle demolishing was the first objective and that is the part of the
mission that had to be done quickly. Now you can settle down and take it at a
safer pace. Enter the tunnel to the south, make sure your back up is right there
with you and take out the many enemies in the tunnel and just beyond. Take the
dropped machineguns; they will work marvelously when used in a sweeping firing
motion on groups of enemies. When hit by one round it delays their firing time.

Go through the tunnels and eventually you will arrive at the enemy outpost. This
is where you'll find the SCUD missile-launching vehicle. Use the Satchel you've
been saving all this time and set the charge.


Mission A:
Malaysian Guerrillas are conducting border raids.

Patrol border villages. Locate and secure villages by GPS.

On the PC version of the game, you will be commanding a team of four men.
Thailand is a very cool level. All the trees and shrubs can be shot, burned,
blown up, just cleared away if you want it to be. So, bring plenty of HE
to shred the shrubbery. Take a mix of berets; Grenadiers and Snipers would be my
first pick.

A couple of things to keep in mind before you start: the infrared scope on the
sniper rifle helps visually, cut through, the Jungle's vegetation and allows you
to see the heat generated by the Guerrillas, virtually voiding their camouflage.
Spread your team out when tackling the jungle to get a line of sight on the
you otherwise could not if you kept in close company.

In this mission you will find three villages that need to be secured. Exit the
beach to the NW to encounter your first gun battle. Three Guerrillas will attack
as soon as the first shot is fired, unless you have silenced it. But it's easier
to take them out here than when they are in hiding. Use the palm trees as cover
and spread out around the beach encircling the enemy on your bellies. When
everyone has a clear shot and is set to defend, fire away!

After clearing the area of all hostiles, enter the first small village off of
beach to receive the ``Village Cleared" signal. Now and then you will come
a Guerrilla near the pond. Toss a grenade down the hill to take care this

Move slowly through the small pond. Sometime one or two enemies are just up the
road to the W of the pond. Take a beret down this W road to the left and
eliminate these two hostiles before they make your company. Throw a few grenades
in their direction if you can't get a clear shot.

As you approach the next village you will sometimes see a hostile on the
peak behind the village, and very often, many Guerrillas under the raised huts.
It's a good idea to snipe shoot the guy on the mountain peak before he warns the
others of your presence. Attack the hostiles in this village starting from the N
side clearing the way back towards the river.

Once this Village is cleared your next stop will be the river to the S. There's
Guerrilla on the dock across the river, and another just above him on hill
towards the W. There are three in the water; two are to the SW and one to the

Sharp shoot all of these hostiles before attempting to cross the water. Another
option would be to try sending one Beret to the other clearing to the SE down
river. This would allow you to get behind a few of these Guerrillas without them
spotting you. Switch back to your man at the SW beach to take out the rest of
hostiles the previous beret could not get.

Before you cross the river it is imperative that you eliminate the mines under
the water on your side of the beach. One step into the water is all it takes to
send you home in a body bag! Toss a grenade in the water near your shore and
you hear a larger explosion than usual from a frag, you'll know that you
detonated the mines. The water tunnel to the SW also has landmines a few yards
in. But this is just an indicator that you don't need to go down there. The map
runs out there.

At the end of the long road on the other side of the river, you will find the
last village to be secured. Split your men up to sweep through the jungle as you
head that way. There are three hostiles in the village.

Use your infrared scope on the sniper rifle to pick them out of the cover of the

If the mission has not been completed after clearing this third village, return
to the others and hang out in the huts for a while to see if one of the
objectives were not met because you left too soon.

Mission B:
Camp Raid
Guerrillas are operating from a base camp 10 kilometers inside Malaysia.

Raid and secure enemy guerrilla camp. Demolish enemy vehicles. Look for evidence
of drug lab.

The mission is set in a dark jungle, so bring a sniper with sniper rifles that
have infrared vision. Bringing all snipers will work, but one Demolition beret
would be good for the vehicles that need to be destroyed. It is not necessary to
pack Satchels for this mission but they do make the task of destroying the jeeps
easier than using grenades.


Leave your area and enter the river while kneeling down. Go W and use infrared
scopes whenever you stop to pick out the glowing enemy out of the jungle brush.
You will see a few Guerrillas down on the banks of the river, but if you get on
your belly when you hear them, you'll stand a greater chance of surprising them.
When on your belly in the water, you are practically invisible to the enemy and
almost completely under water.

Further W down the waterway a sloped bank to the left will allow you to access
land once more (A ``Y" shaped tree up on the shore marks this area).

Get up on shore and proceed W to enter a small valley, which, when followed,
you back near the river. Once through and on the riverbank again, head S and
cut back SE into yet another valley. In this valley you'll find that landmines
have been set. Throw frag grenades into this minefield until you hear the
landmines detonate.

To the left, beyond this valley, is the enemy base camp. Surround the site and
sharp shoot the guerrillas out of the guard towers. Don't let the shadow of the
civilian on the canyon walls scare you. It's only a villager.

There aren't a lot of hostiles in the camp, so go ahead and secure the area and
then demolish the two vehicles with grenades or Satchel charges and then enter
the large hut to secure the base, ending the mission.

Mission C:
C130 Rescue
Guerrilla forces have shot down TF160 C130 aircraft in retaliation for camp

Locate and secure C130 crash site. Find and rescue pilot. EXFIL pilot to Helo LZ
for extraction.

Bring plenty of HE Grenades and extra clips. Assign three Snipers or two Snipers
and a Grenade Launcher to the mission. Sniper rifles with infrared scopes are a


This area is nothing more than a narrow canyon full of jungle undergrowth and
Guerrillas from here to the crash site. From the start, kneel down and peek at
the your compass. Head N. Use the HE grenades to cut through the bush and
any hiding baddies but, be careful, there are Guerrillas with grenade launchers
out there doing the same! When you bring down one of those bad boys, grab that
HK69A1 grenade launcher and use it to save your own grenades for a spell.

You'll reach the tail of the downed aircraft first. Also, you'll sometimes find
hostiles inside the fuselage, and most of the time, a few guards standing near
the debris of the plane. Kill them all! Rock'n'!

Go to the top of the plane wing and peer S into the jungle and sharp shoot the
Guerrilla in hiding there. Stay still. A hostile will come running to his aid
from deeper in the Jungle. Follow the GPS compass to the area of the wreckage
that it indicates. You will learn that the Pilot was moved to the ruins once you
reach this area.

If you cleared the jungle of those Guerrillas just mentioned then it is safe to
approach the first ruin through the jungle S of the plane crash. There are about
five men around the first ruin area and a couple guerrillas beyond. Place one
on the cliffs to the NE and pilot him near the stone temples above the first
(get it? Stone Temple Pilots.. ah… yea…). From here, you can see anything
living in the area using the infrared scope. If there are jungle bushes blocking
your view, burn them with the HE Grenades.

Have the beret on the cliff move back towards the SE to the end of the jungle
the RP will be found. Have your other beret move to the temple on the right side
of the map to retrieve the pilot from the large stone temple (woops, did it

Mission D:
Enemy guerrillas are conducting reprisal attacks.

Ambush guerrilla patrols in river basin. Clear the area of all enemy forces.
Attack and seize village at the end of the river basin.

Its nighttime, the jungle is thick with vegetation, and it's raining, so bring
your galoshes, some HE Grenades and a Stone Temple Pilot cd (ok that's enough!).


This mission is easy and it's hard to get lost. The layout; your in a basin that
runs in one lengthy zigzag line. There are cliffs on either side that have
paths that branch out here and there but they lead to nowhere, really. Most of
the Guerrillas will be waiting for you on the cliffs where your infrared scope
can spot them.

The trick to this level is to hurry up with commanding everyone to kneel and
follow, and then rushing everyone to the basin to catch the first three marching
guerrillas in the basin off guard.

You'll find a small village at the end of the waterway that must be secured. But
its no biggie, the enemy is in very small numbers there. Be sure to kill the
Guerrillas that are on the opposite side of the basin from the village, they
could really mess up your day.

To be cautious, split up your team and have berets in the basin and some
them on the cliffs. Move them to the village with one big clean sweep, switching
back and forth between berets to kill enemies manually, and move them up a few
yards at a time. Clear all enemy forces in your path. There isn't all that many.
But watch out! Don't kill the civilians.

If you hear the enemy yell, get on your belly, switch to infrared, search, aim,
and shoot. Once you have secured everywhere all the way down to the village,
at the GPS compass and follow the patrolling coordinates that are displayed. The
mission will end when you've reached the last area displayed.


Mission A
Ship Crane
Terrorist snipers occupy several overwatch positions in the shipyard

Clear terrorist snipers from the shipyard overwatch positions. Secure the crane.

Silence is the key. You are given two men to work with (you and another guy).
This is a night mission so choose a sniper rifle with an infrared scope, such as
the L96A1. Another approach would to be totally stealth and use the silenced
MP5.  Bring plenty of extra clips and a Medpack.


Tip: Use nightvision and an infrared scoped rifle to help your performance in

Head south along the dock and assume that there is an enemy around each corner
you pass. The Prone position may not always save your skin. The ground here is
very flat making it hard to stay out of site in the prone position.

Make sure that you have secured all the alcoves to the left and as you approach
the front of the ship to your right, stand up so that you are looking over the
bulkhead and take out a few guards further down to the west. If you move forward
while in the kneeling position and then switch to the laying position anytime
approach a new open area, the dock will be a cakewalk for you.

Note: Be on the lookout for enemies in the prone position, there are a few in
this mission. Don't assume that everything lying down is dead!

Once the dock has been secured you can carefully climb up the crane. You'll
encounter a few hostiles patrolling the catwalks unless you were smart and took
them out from a distance while still below on the dock.

Watch for snipers on the top deck of the ship! Hostiles randomly patrol the deck
og this liner. You can find a Medpack and a few other items lying around below
the crane that may be helpful to you.

When the area is secured, climb to the top of the stairs to the gantry house and
enter the control room. You have secured the crane, completing the mission.

Mission B:
Terrorists have seized hostages and the port facility.

Defend entrance to port facility. Locate and secure hostages.

A sniper with an infrared scoped weapon and a Machine Gunner is the best choice
for this mission. Do not use a Grenadier or and explosives in this mission.
are too many hostages' lives at stake.


With nightvision activated, head northwest to the corner of the loading dock and
the fence. Listening to your Radio, you learn that this mission involves a
hostage situation.

Between the corner of the loading dock and containers, you can get a clear shot
of the terrorist kneeling in the next area, through the fence. If you don't get
him now, he'll be sure to get you when you enter his field of vision. Make sure
that both you and your partner are in the prone position and he is commanded to
defend. When the shooting begins, other enemy units will be aware of your
presence. Roll to the west beside the fence and take out the next rebel that
appears in this same general area behind the fence.

There is a small fence between the buildings behind you where enemies hangout.
So, make sure to check that out before cruising past this area. While heading
west, make sure to glance to the top of crates behind the fence for sneaky
hostiles. Use the infrared scope on the sniper rifle to light them up like
Christmas bulbs.

Behind the fence further west is a civilian and in the corner on your side of
fence behind a docking ramp is another terrorist (random). Take him out before
sees you while still in the prone position.When you near the end of fence you'll
spot three terrorists through the fence. Two of them are near the distant
building watching over a civilian, the third is behind the last container near
the fence by the west wall. While still prone, snipe shoot the two distant
hostiles and then move to take out the enemy behind the container.

Climb up a loading ramp and enter the area beyond the fence through the opening
between the fence post and the west building. Make sure to call your buddy over,
or take control of him and take him to you. To free the hostage simply walk up

Splitting up at this point is a good idea. Keep one guy prone and defending
the other clears enemies to the north that you may not have killed from behind
the fence working your way back towards the east. Sometimes you will see a
hostages around the large hangar, or running inside the hangar.

Alternating control between your soldiers, work your way north from opposite
of the compound. In the northern area you will see three terrorists lined up
a warehouse. Stay behind a container and inch out so that you have only one
in your vision at a time. This will keep you from having the other two soldiers
shooting at you while you are eliminating their comrade.

In the north section of the compound you will find many small storage rooms,
is where the hostages are found. Search each one of them until you have found
them all. Then, mission over.

Mission C:
Rail Yard
Terrorists are transferring missiles from rail cars into trucks.

Secure Stinger Missiles. Locate and eliminate terrorists by eliminating enemy
patrols. Move into ambush positions and attack enemy forces.

This mission takes place in a rail yard at night and you are given four men to
command. You should choose at least two snipers equipped with infrared scopes on
their weapon. Infantry and Machine Gunners would be the next best bet. Load up
extra clips and Medpacks.


The rail yard consists of a large open area in the middle of an enclosed train
station. There are a number of places the enemy could be hiding in the center
area of the yard. Eliminate all hostiles you can see and be sure to check to see
if there are any enemies in the watchtowers or rooftops. There are 4 Stinger
Missile crates strewn throughout the rail yard, all of which can be detected
using the GPS compass. The most likely places are; in-between the water towers,
inside the train cars, or in the stations.

Split up your group and have one man cover each outer side of the square yard
looking in towards the middle. Have each man scan his area and all the places
they can see from their location. Shoot all the enemies you can see from each
buddy's location. Be careful not to take out your own men in this process. If
there are, take these men out first. They will be the first to spot you.

When the area is secured, move in for the Missile search. If you have trouble
finding them, just glance at the GPS, it will light up red in the direction that
one the missiles are located in.

Mission D:
Terrorist forces have been alerted and are attempting to escape with missiles.

Ambush terrorists. Prevent trucks from escaping shipyard by destroying them.

Selection for this mission is a mixture of all the elements. You should bring a
Grenadier, Snipers, and a Close-Quarters combatant. You will be faced with
demolition, close combat, and long range shooting. Equip each of these men with
Satchel just incase you lose a few. But you don't want that to happen, do you?


There are a couple of transport trucks that leave the docks at the same time
time that you attempt this mission. This sounds like you'll have to play it more
than once to beat it… ah… yea, probably. Memorize where the terrorists are
located, they'll be there every time you play, with the exception of one or two
random fellows. Use the Grenadier to take out enemies instead of spending time
lining up the perfect shot with a Sniper. Once you know where the enemy is
located, you can find ways of shooting grenades over walls and containers to
out the hiding terrorists.

Now the Sniper enters the game. Use the sharp shooting skills of the Sniper to
plug the terrorist on the deck of the ocean liner to your right. It's usually
in the middle section area and one further away in the crow's nest. Lie down on
the ground and ease your way towards the fence on the left just beyond the last
of the containers alongside of the ship. With the infrared scope you can see a
terrorist behind the fence and next to a loading dock ramp. Take him out!

Look around the following cargo trailers as you pass the bow of the ship. Here
you will find terrorists in the expected hiding places. Stay to the side of the
ship and continue forward until you see the trucks parked underneath the large
crane structure.

You must be careful of the terrorists on the crane scaffolding. Command some men
to defend the area while you ask one to set a Satchel Charge on one truck while
you do the same to the second truck.

If you just can't seem to make it to the one truck before it gets away, place a
Claymore somewhere on the path that it takes near the loading dock's open gates.
Then, wait for the truck to pass over the trap and let `em have it! Once both
trucks are demolished your mission will end in success.

Mission E:
Ship Deck
Second terrorist team alerted and holding container ship.

Attack and secure the ship deck and bridge. Rescue hostage.

You only have six minutes to complete this mission, so there isn't a lot of time
for accurate sniper shooting, yet you'll need one in the second half of the
mission. As you learned in the last mission, grenades are for people with bad
or are just in a hurry. Well, you're in a hurry on this one.

In this mission you command a two-man team. You will be faced with many "around-
the-corner-baddies" and just as many distant targets. For this, long and short
range, targeting mission you should choose a Grenadier and a Sniper -gotta love
that Sniper! The Grenadier will have his choice of weapons, once you drop a few
terrorists. This will make your Grenadier more versatile, having the ability to
use him for both long and short range attacks. If you strip the Grenadier's
backpack down to nothing he will be able to fit a ton of extra clips (grenades
his case) in there so go overboard on the clips -no pun intended.


There is only 6 minutes allowed to rescue the captain of the ship, who is
on the other end in the bridge. You, however, begin on the opposite end of the
container ship. Right from the start, command the Sniper to "Hold Up," while you
switch to nightvision goggles and have the both of you crouch down a bit. There
are a variety of ways to get the stairs that lead down to the cargo area of the
ship, but the best way I found was to enter the area to the north between
containers. Shoot a grenade into the area beyond to take out the two soldiers
are waiting there for ya.'

Scoot around these stacked crates and lob another grenade at the dude who
sometimes appears before the stairs. If the terrorist is not there yet he'll be
just ahead around the containers. So a spent grenade there will suffice as well.

Now, around the section just before the stairs and back towards the south is a
guy who's hiding. He's the one that would of got you had you come the other
direction. Now set your Grenadier in this area facing the stairs that lead down.
Switch to the Sniper body and lead him to the Grenadier (not the sea fish with
the large head and a long, narrow tail!  Man, I hate it when geeks try to be

Have the Sniper peer over the stair rail -this is safe. When the two men below
see you, they will be inclined to climb the stairs to investigate. This is when
your Grenadier, who's set to defend, will bomb them at the stairs as they

Then, use the Sniper's infrared scope to kill the terrorist on deck below near
the center cargo hold to the north. Retake control of the Grenadier and lead him
down the stairs, only stopping to pick up dropped weaponry, and continue north
alongside of the west rail.

Stop just before the second cargo hold (the big hole in the middle of the ship)
and shoot a grenade between the containers that open to this hold. There are a
couple of terrorists around this corner that this bombing should of taken care
of. Further up is the Grenadiers last target. Once more, blast the terrorist
around the next stack of crates. Now its Sniper-Time!

Take control of your Sniper and lead him past the Grenadier and around the wall
at the rear of the second cargo hold. Turn east and get on your belly. Look up
the scaffold to your left (northwest). There is a terrorist kneeling on the
tier of the wooden scaffold. Get a headshot and then crawl under the scaffold
facing the last cargo hold and the bridge of the ship.

From this vantage point you can snipe shoot the remaining terrorists on the
Using the infrared scope, start picking off the enemy starting with the roof of
the ship's command bridge. Look down a couple levels and take out a couple
terrorists through the glass windows, but be careful not to target the captain.

While you are plugging away at these guys, a couple hostiles will try to sneak
on you from the direction of the bridge and approaching you from the stack of
crates ahead of you to your right. If that happens either try nailing them on
their journey, or turn the scope off and plug away at them as they come around
the corner in front of you. They will have a hard time spotting you in the dark
in and while in the prone position.

Before you get up, crawl to the cargo hold railing and see if there is a guy on
top of some crates below (random). He'll shoot you just as soon as you stand up
if he is there, so kill or be killed.

Make sure that you looked on the outer sides of the bridge before proceeding
there. There usually are a couple terrorists kneeling on either side that can
easily be sniped.

When the area is secured, run around to the back of the bridge and take the
stairs up to the control room to rescue the hostage. Be careful entering the
bridge, there may be a baddie in there that you missed.

Mission F:
Ship Hold
Terrorists have placed 5 explosive charges in the hull of the container ship.

Locate and disarm explosive charges before they detonate. Eliminate all

Similar to the previous mission, this mission is timed and you have six minutes
to get through it. Again, select a Grenadier with as many clips as he can hold
and a Medpack incase he gets to close to one of his own assaults. To back up the
Grenadier, select the Infantryman or the Close_Quarters combatant armed with a
machinegun. The Vektor is a nice selection. The combat you will face in this
mission will be at close range and a lot of it is around corners.

You are given 6 minutes to defuse 5 Explosive Charges. This is not a lot of
this is where the Grenadier will help the most. His weapon will save you from
taking time to line up the pe rfect shot.

Right from the get-go, equip the nightvision goggles and command your
toting buddy to "Hit the Deck," and to "Hold It," while facing the clearing
through the stacked crates to the southwest.

While he is covering that direction, you should head northeast and shoot a
grenade around the first corner. You should have 2 downed enemies here before
proceeding further (this is random, but 9 out of 10 times, they are there).

Proceed west around the containers and lie on your belly and creep up around the
crates to face the opening to the northwest. From here you will see one man up
the first tier of some scaffolding and one man coming from around from the back
of the ship. Shoot a grenade to both of these guys and then proceed to the
direction that the guy on the floor came from.

Around the scaffolding and between the wall of the ship and the stacked crates
you need to hold up. Shoot a grenade towards the back of the ship. There are two
terrorists guarding the first Explosive Charge. Grenade both of them from around
the security of this corner container. You need only to lob a grenade at the
of the ship near where they stand guard. This, amazingly, does not sink the ship
nor detonate the Explosive Charge.

To defuse the bomb, simply walk up to the explosive and it will disarm
automatically -you are magic! Now, head back to your partner. On your way back
him, you may here a gunfight. He is holding down his position and he may require
help -hurry.

Just south around the containers where your partner is located you'll find the
second bomb. On your way you'll most likely encounter a couple terrorists,
they all ready died by the hands of your partner. Near the next bomb, you will
meet up with a couple guards -again. Peek around the corner and find a position
where you can see the wall behind them but not the guards themselves. Lob a
grenade back there then defuse the bomb.

Your next bomb-disarming project lies just beyond this second bomb location
behind a support beam on the same side of the ship. Shoot a grenade so that it's
trajectory path arches up and over this support beam. Doing this, will take out
the enemy who lies in waiting there for you. Approach the bomb and defuse it.

Around the next wall of containers to the south and through the opening to the
west is a kneeling terrorist. He is hiding behind some crates, so you'll have to
prone and roll into his view to shoot him-tossing a grenade here may be
for you. Continue to the south around a few more container walls and expect
hostiles around every corner.

The next bomb is located near the west wall of the ship and south around the
container walls further down, demolish the terrorists guarding this bomb and
disarm the gadget.

The last bomb is found in the southeast corner and behind a support beam. By
most of the hostiles should be gone. Defuse this last explosive charge and if
mission does not end, pursue the remaining terrorists.

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